Why I hate "Art".

I resent self proclaimed artists
With their interpretations and their subjective lenses

But why?
What for?

Am I so much of a prude that I can't get high when I smoke a joint?

Why resent?
Why not embrace?
And accept beauty in it's infinite forms

Because it's too easy
To abandon standards
And call it "Art"
"Art" should speak for itself

But what of standards?
Who creates them?
And validates them?

What does the "artist" know that ordinary me doesn't?
And who says they know it?
And what makes me any more "real" than them?

"Art" should speak for itself

But can it?

Is "Art" simply some constructed notion
Is it like, neighborhood gossip...
Just humans passing judgment?
Is it like, business cards...
Just labels to boost the human ego?

I resent the self proclaimed artist
Who speaks for their own art

Or perhaps I resent that nobody ever spoke for my art
That I never spoke for my own.