Tummy ache

So my doctor told me I don't have enough fiber in my diet. My initial reaction was of course,

"umm.. are you SURE?"

Since as a Samoan, our diets are generally quite carb-heavy and fiberous, by default. And trust me, the chances of me guessing I'd be an exception are about as slim as as I am in my dreams. LOL!

"Eat more fiber," she prescribed.

So, for the sake of my health ;) I've taken to her words quite enthusiastically and upp'ed the weekly intake of fiberous carbs, oh about 5 fold.

"Must eat... another sandwich... Doctor's.. orders"

Unsurprisingly, I am groaning. My stomach feels like there is a 24 hour bakery in there. And I'm tired of their produce.

Especially this weekend, having completely outdone myself with fa'alifu yesterday and today. Dripping with coconut cream of course. Add some pisupo, curry, shoyu chicken, and wahoo, it's a wonder I feel as though I'm gonna crap out a house.


Happy Sunday :)


its just moi said…
p.s just remember that carbs does not necessarily equal to fiber:) fiber is more like your wheats (musli/wholegrain bread) and leafy greens (beens cabbage lettuce) not so much da taro and potato:) just FYI....hope youre feeling better!
Fotu said…
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Fotu said…
Yes, imagine my surprise! lol