Give two answers

What is the best feeing in the world?
1. To love and be loved
2. Eating umu. lol

At your best you are:
1. Self-less
2. Feeding the hungry. lol

At your worst you are:
1. Controlling
2. Hungry. lol

As a child what motivated you?
1. Over-bearing parents. lol
2. Being smarter than the white kids in my class. LMAO

Today, what motivates you?
1. Personal desire to improve life.
2. And of course, improving my means to buy awesome shoes.

Which famous person inspires you?
1. Mandela & Ghandi- Fighting for a principle.
2. Oprah - think what you will about the woman, but she's a billionaire.

Name a famous person you admire.
1. Imelda Marcos. Shoes... omg... shoes.
2. Chichi of Samoa - noone else I know can wear a full bouqet on her hair and pull it off.

Name a little known fact about you?
1. At 5'7, I'm the shortest person in my family.
2. I don't actually care about Polar Bears in Antarctica. LMAO. JUS KIDDING!

What's your greatest fear?
1. Living a mediocre existance.
2. Catching salmonella from the food at Pinatis (I still go there)

Words to live by:
1. Know your worth ... and Give!
2. Eh!

Perfect relationships:
1. are the ones where people love each other regardless of their imperfections.
2. When he cooks. lol

What makes a good friend?
1. Someone who loves food, laughter and doesn't sweat the small stuff.
2. Thinks you're awesome, even though you're not really. lol

What is something that is both a burden and a blessing?
1. My mom would probably say this about her kids! lol
2. I say... a conscience.

What do you expect of yourself?
1. Lots.
2. Nuff said.

What do you expect of others?
1. Mutual respect
2. Culinary Gifts. (Kidding!)

What made you who you are today?
1. A solid upbringing.
2. And plenty of taro in the diet.

What do you thank God for everyday?
1. Love
2. and ... Cake :)

What is your worst quality?
1. Saviour complex...
2. Being too literal.

Describe the ulitmate betrayal:
1. Not believing in yourself.
2. Not believing in anything.

Who loves you the most?
1. Mom and Dad
2. Ida, Ete, Bobby.

A lesson you need to learn?
1. Compromise
2. How to make pie.

Last words spoken out loud today.
1. I love you.
2. Thanks

Where do you want to be in 20 years time?
1. Lord willing, alive and happy.
2. Wearing pimpin shoes. lol