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Tummy ache

So my doctor told me I don't have enough fiber in my diet. My initial reaction was of course,

"umm.. are you SURE?"

Since as a Samoan, our diets are generally quite carb-heavy and fiberous, by default. And trust me, the chances of me guessing I'd be an exception are about as slim as as I am in my dreams. LOL!

"Eat more fiber," she prescribed.

So, for the sake of my health ;) I've taken to her words quite enthusiastically and upp'ed the weekly intake of fiberous carbs, oh about 5 fold.

"Must eat... another sandwich... Doctor's.. orders"

Unsurprisingly, I am groaning. My stomach feels like there is a 24 hour bakery in there. And I'm tired of their produce.

Especially this weekend, having completely outdone myself with fa'alifu yesterday and today. Dripping with coconut cream of course. Add some pisupo, curry, shoyu chicken, and wahoo, it's a wonder I feel as though I'm gonna crap out a house.


Happy Sunday :)

Why I hate "Art".

I resent self proclaimed artists
With their interpretations and their subjective lenses

But why?
What for?

Am I so much of a prude that I can't get high when I smoke a joint?

Why resent?
Why not embrace?
And accept beauty in it's infinite forms

Because it's too easy
To abandon standards
And call it "Art"
"Art" should speak for itself

But what of standards?
Who creates them?
And validates them?

What does the "artist" know that ordinary me doesn't?
And who says they know it?
And what makes me any more "real" than them?

"Art" should speak for itself

But can it?

Is "Art" simply some constructed notion
Is it like, neighborhood gossip...
Just humans passing judgment?
Is it like, business cards...
Just labels to boost the human ego?

I resent the self proclaimed artist
Who speaks for their own art

Or perhaps I resent that nobody ever spoke for my art
That I never spoke for my own.


Lord, please
Pluck me off of this tear stained earth
Take me some place warm and dry
And renew me
Wring the fatigue out of my earthly bones
And restore me
Hold me to your beating heart
And remind me
Kiss upon me a breath of life
And replenish me

I'm tired

And my coarse dry lips
They thirst
For rest...

New beach rule: Stay on shore.

So I'm at the beach, in my two piece (eh! lol) frolicking like I was effing Ariel swimming to the reef and back as though I'd done it at dawn and dusk for the last decade. On the swim back, I'm tired so I'm changing it up, backstroke, breaststroke, trying to work different muscles (not on purpose of course, they just don't function for extended periods of time like that). It takes me about fifteen minutes and I'm close enough to shore when I notice a guy in red Baywatch-esque gear (I'm not kidding!) on a board swim up next to me. I come up for air (panting like fucking Rosie O'Donnell on a treadmill) and he says to me:

"Ma'am are you okay? You looked like you were having some difficulty.."

Turns out he was a LIFEGUARD and in all my graceful synchronised swimming he thought I was drowning.


Lorrrrrrd have mercy!

I like this song.

She's Mine.
By Brett Dennen

well the witches stare with their limbs akimbo
silhouettes of statues up in the window
call me to come here with a crooked crescendo
but i don't

devotees dance among the pantomime on the promenade
into a tabernacle on the lawn
but i don't follow

because she's mine, she's mine, she's mine, all mine
yeah she's mine, mine, mine, mmm

midnight moved across the people's park
and i fled the fire like a spinning spark
up onto a porch in the dark
she was waiting right there for me

she knows that my hands are empty
as i go past the mothers of envy
and i don't have to fumble in the dark for my keys

i believe she's mine, she's mine, she's mine, all mine
yeah she's mine, mine, mine, mmm

the pupils gather in the yard
around the pulpit made of cards
and waited for their leader's words
but his words didn't make much sense

his mouth spat out a fist of daggers
and his tongue swirled in a southern swagger
and i looked at all the people gathe…

Imeem: An effing decent waste of time

You need a decent connection but this is one of the best music websites I've come across. You can listen, see related, create playlists even download songs through here fairly easily. No need to download anything. Easy to navigate and FREE!

Thesis Rant

Can't bring myself to work on it right now but can't stop thinking about it either so here I am in here to bash out the last of it lingering like a bad taste in my mouth, so I can just get on with enjoying my weekend.

Essentially what I'm looking at is competition in telecommunications in Samoa. I'm looking at whether the de-regulation of communications as resulted in improved telecommunications services to the country ( < Research Question 1). Secondly, recognising that competition, while a fairly simple premise (make the whole thing a sport and it should 1) result in improved overall skill and results and 2) weed out the losers) is a fairly complex process that involves several stakeholders, often with conflicting interests e.g. Telecommunications service providers (the digicels, samoatels, CSLs and iPasifikas of the world), Government (being the dude that sets the rules), The Office of the regulator (being the enforcer of the rules - the referee if you like) and …

Sui so'o!

Felt like it.

Pule lava a'u.


The time I said "No, I'm just fat" and meant it, like, vehemently.

In response to being asked, quite seriously, whether I was "with child?"

And this was just after I had worked out for about 2 hours that day.

Needless to say, I needed a milkshake right after that.

You know, cravings.

Random thought

*Pauses from thesis writing*

On pondering what the great truths in life are - Is there a God? - To what extent do I believe in "Him"? - it occurred to me that ascertaining what "the truth" is, is secondary to the more important question of how you choose to allow that truth to affect or (if you dare) transform you.

The true value of believing is that it's much less about discovering the belief than it is about discovering the believer.

That's it.

*Back to thesis writing*

Rock my world, please.

Nothing like some rock in the morning to.. well, rock in the morning. The lyrics are tight.

Rock on.


Give two answers

What is the best feeing in the world?
1. To love and be loved
2. Eating umu. lol

At your best you are:
1. Self-less
2. Feeding the hungry. lol

At your worst you are:
1. Controlling
2. Hungry. lol

As a child what motivated you?
1. Over-bearing parents. lol
2. Being smarter than the white kids in my class. LMAO

Today, what motivates you?
1. Personal desire to improve life.
2. And of course, improving my means to buy awesome shoes.

Which famous person inspires you?
1. Mandela & Ghandi- Fighting for a principle.
2. Oprah - think what you will about the woman, but she's a billionaire.

Name a famous person you admire.
1. Imelda Marcos. Shoes... omg... shoes.
2. Chichi of Samoa - noone else I know can wear a full bouqet on her hair and pull it off.

Name a little known fact about you?
1. At 5'7, I'm the shortest person in my family.
2. I don't actually care about Polar Bears in Antarctica. LMAO. JUS KIDDING!

What's your greatest fear?
1. Living a mediocre existance.
2. Catch…