I'm sitting in my room as I write this, enjoying the view I have of a full length volcano and the Waikiki cityscape. Supposed to be doing work of course, but not, of course.

It's the end of semester, thank goodness. Not that it was a particularly strenuous time for me or anything, but it seems somewhat inappropriate not to be relieved around this time. My time in Hawaii is drawing to a close. In a few short months I'll be done (touch wood) and it'll be a different view, a different pace, different work to avoid doing, I'm sure. This must be what this "growing up" business is all about. I wonder if that means I'll have to stop name calling. Oh, life.

I'm feeling kind of pensive, aren't I? All describing the view nostalgically like I'll never see it again. LoL Pull yourself together woman! haha.

In funnier news, I'm currently in the process of transcribing all my interviews from CEOs, Govt. Officials and business people in telecom in Samoa and had to laugh when one of my interviewees referred to another as a "useless bugger that should be sacked". I might get locked up or something by Human Ethics Committee if I call anyone out but when one important 60 year old man calls another important 60 year old man "a useless bugger" you can't help but smile in the knowledge that in this dog eat dog world where I'm grappling to take hold of the rungs at the bottom of the corporate ladder, even the important 60 year olds at the top, aren't above name calling. That's something to be relieved about :)


Anonymous said…
hehehe..u crack me up

So and the girls are gonna be in town next weekend..let us know if you and Mz Tuli wanna catch up..

catch ya later MZ Waikiki