Today, I was inspired.

I hate this class.
It depresses me to my core.
If “it” can even be bothered to go that far
Trekking into the dense folds of my being
To permeate my attention span

My eyes heave around the room
Seeing tattered pieces of my "concentration"
Strewn haphazardly across the dreary gray carpet of my classroom floor
Spelling B O R E D O M

Perhaps it is the slow-death monotone of my professor’s drone
Or the annoying sheen of his forehead
As the light of the projector ricochets off it
Creating a bothersome glint
Maybe I just don't believe he knows
Whatever it is that he harps on about

Whatever “it” is
It sedates my enthusiasm
Reducing it to a lethargic scowl
That lingers in the back corner of the classroom
Impatiently taking in the lazy tick of the clock
The groaning hum of the air conditioning unit
Barely there, but stark
Amplifying the painful sound of “it”
Trembling the glass chandeliers of my sanity
Beckoning it to shatter...

God, I hate this class.