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A day at the beach

Being something of a self proclaimed realist, I've never been one of those deep dreamer types that interprets my dreams much more than as an annoyance to my getting some decent rest nor would I ever claim to have some kind of profound connection with the elements, or anything for that matter, except for maybe the occasional drink or burger in my hand. Not that I don't have depth, I just express it differently and am quite blunt in the belief that a tree, is a tree, is a tree. However, having grown up around the ocean, many of my happiest memories take place at the beach. And whenever I am by the sea, wherever in the world I might be, I'm not exaggerating when I say that truly feel at home. I spent all afternoon at the beach today and spent most of my time being mesmerized by it's wild beauty. While there I found myself itching to take pictures, write something, draw in the sand, anything, to etch the scene and how it made me feel on the walls of my mind.

The sound of…

O alagaupu Samoa


Ia lafoia i le fogava‘a tele; lit., Let it be thrown on the deck of the large canoe. A depreciatory saying of a speaker.

‘O le fogava‘a e tasi, One family.

Ua iloa i va‘a lelea, Of one seldom seen.

Ua le se‘i mau se ala va‘a, Why not steer a straight course? Applied to a speech having no definite proposition.

Ua mele le manu e Afono, Afono made light of his prosperity.

E pogai i vau, a e lia‘i i ala, It grew in the bush, but it is cast away in the road.

‘O lalo ifi lenei, This is a secret; lit., This is under the chestnut tree.

‘O le puta i Tufa, Only a threat.

Tu‘u ia ma paga, In the game of tatia when counted wrongly; applied to anything not paid for.

Ua se va‘a tu matagi, Of anything quick, like a canoe before the wind.

Ua usiusi-fa‘ava‘asavili, To obey like a canoe before the wind.

Ua le se‘i seu fa‘a‘alo, To request to be respectful; lit., Why do you not steer out of the way?

Ia tala mea fa‘asolo, (of seuga-lupe), To dismiss an assembly.

Fale-taeao e le afiafi, Who sits at home…


I'm sitting in my room as I write this, enjoying the view I have of a full length volcano and the Waikiki cityscape. Supposed to be doing work of course, but not, of course.

It's the end of semester, thank goodness. Not that it was a particularly strenuous time for me or anything, but it seems somewhat inappropriate not to be relieved around this time. My time in Hawaii is drawing to a close. In a few short months I'll be done (touch wood) and it'll be a different view, a different pace, different work to avoid doing, I'm sure. This must be what this "growing up" business is all about. I wonder if that means I'll have to stop name calling. Oh, life.

I'm feeling kind of pensive, aren't I? All describing the view nostalgically like I'll never see it again. LoL Pull yourself together woman! haha.

In funnier news, I'm currently in the process of transcribing all my interviews from CEOs, Govt. Officials and business people in telecom in Sam…

Step into the world with me...


Today, I was inspired.

I hate this class.
It depresses me to my core.
If “it” can even be bothered to go that far
Trekking into the dense folds of my being
To permeate my attention span

My eyes heave around the room
Seeing tattered pieces of my "concentration"
Strewn haphazardly across the dreary gray carpet of my classroom floor
Spelling B O R E D O M

Perhaps it is the slow-death monotone of my professor’s drone
Or the annoying sheen of his forehead
As the light of the projector ricochets off it
Creating a bothersome glint
Maybe I just don't believe he knows
Whatever it is that he harps on about

Whatever “it” is
It sedates my enthusiasm
Reducing it to a lethargic scowl
That lingers in the back corner of the classroom
Impatiently taking in the lazy tick of the clock
The groaning hum of the air conditioning unit
Barely there, but stark
Amplifying the painful sound of “it”
Trembling the glass chandeliers of my sanity
Beckoning it to shatter...

God, I hate this class.