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Memory Lane

While I was in Samoa, I stumbled across my old laptop where I found old pictures, assignments and poetry, all anally organised into some categorization system where I had each document and picture meticulously named and dated. Apparently, even at fifteen I was a control freak. It was quite an enjoyable Sunday afternoon that I scrolled through, smiled, laughed and cringed at the teenage angst ridden, innocent adolescent reflections of myself. Here are some snippets for your enjoyment and ridicule.

That’s the way life goes…

There are many things in life
That I don’t understand
While the hourglass of time
Fills silently with sand

I try to do my best
In all the things I do
But some just won’t accept
They disbelieve what’s true

With cold and harsh expression
They say it to my face
Yet they forget it’s my life
I’ll live it at my pace

I’m a victim of great expectations
High hopes and dreams of others
Yet my goals are all forgotten
I don’t know why I bother

I know they’re just concerned
They know what’s bes…


Friday, April 4, 2008

So I've been in Samoa for going on two weeks, and how busy I have been has been hectic, bordering on hellish. The rush of heat as I stepped of the plane was both an uncomfortable surprise and morbidly comforting like a devil feeling the warmth of the fires of hell after a long absence. At least that’s how I imagine it would feel. Lol

Coming home after 9 months away, I inhaled my surroundings and tried to fully digest this “home” I’d missed and pined for in months gone by. Things seem to have changed so much that it seemed both exciting and unsettling. Changes. Subtle ones mind you, little things here and there that amounted to a definite different big picture in my mind. Most notable change is that in infrastructure. Improvements I should say. Apia seems more manicured, more shiny buildings, wider roads and more traffic lights. It’s a little city that is bustling with traffic and busy people in an atmosphere that feel and smell like progress. Or maybe that’s j…