So, here I am sitting at the library listening to Natalie Imbruglia, lamenting the days when I actually gave a crap about education and willfully drugged myself with caffeine and lost sleep over things like getting A's and nursing my transcript like some kind of crack whore hoarding her last fix. It's not that I don't care anymore, well, actually I don't. Ok, I lie, I'm far too neurotic to set my thesis on fire and join the circus just yet, but damn do I feel like I've been here too long.

Before this turns into a fully fledged Thesis Bashing Session. I will stop talking about how much of a complete waste of time devoid of "learning" kind of experience I feel this is. AND, I'm not lazy, I'm just incredibly un-interested. Really.

Instead, I'll turn my flimsy attention to the miserable souls that surround me in this library. Funny girl sitting across from me at the next table. Keeps stretching and making "hello, I know you" eyes at me. Yes sister, I know, we live in the same building, you're the chick that always wears that thick hairband (Circa 1992) with that God-awful Christmas sweater all the time. We live in Hawaii, for crying out loud! I give her the "Yes, I recognise you." smile.

Outside I see a car being towed. Ha! Sucker!

In the weekend, friends and I checked out Margaret Cho, Korean American comedian. Like all good comedians, she's incredibly un-PC, makes fun of everyone from the Pope to her mother and most importantly she wears awesome shoes. She talks a lot about sex, being Asian, being gay, and sex. You would see how this would appeal to me right? LOL. See what having gay friends does to your sense of humour?

Here's a clip of some of her older stuff.

An acquired taste? Perhaps. Too many people in the world are sexually repressed as it is, I say she's funny.

Who will save your soul? Jewel sings. Who, indeed?

Not Margaret Cho, not the chick stuck in last decade's fashion, not the tow truck driver, not even the Pope.

Hmmm. Who indeed.


Surina said…
Hey suga

Wow now dat was a nice post. Thesis? Are you doing your Masters welly well girl you're on fire. Good on you! I haven't got to the end of first semester but you know how it is with being a mother and a fulltime worker. Yeah tough bickies ay!

Hawaii??? Now my eyes are even wider open, are you seriously in Hawaii?? Talk about lucky you. Enjoying the sun, the tropicalness and of course da boys lol. Well you are lucky my friend and please do think about this kege stuck in Niusila.

Ia fafetai lava with your comment thanks for sharing too. :o)

Fotu said…
Yup tryna finish up with school in Hawaii at the mo :) Good luck with you and yours girl and thanks for commenting :)

Hope you had a great weekend!