Teaseburger convo

"This cheeseburger is like, OMG, amazing!"

"It isn't "OMG amazing!" It's a cheeseburger."

"It's an OMG amazing! cheeseburger."

"No it's not. An "OMG amazing!" cheeseburger is one that has you salivating at the sight, eager to taste. Your senses quivering, aching to experience the flavours and juices that will no doubt erupt in your body. And afterwards, your world is in a daze. Disoriented, shaken by what just was.

That's an OMG amazing! cheeseburger."

["Pregnant" silence]

[Exhales] "You want the rest of this?"



Miss Crystal said…
I don't even know if I can comment on this. lol.