The great scholarship search.

Today I spent the entire day watching TV and searching for scholarships online. Yes, I just threw in the second part of that sentence to make it seem like I actually did something productive today despite the fact that I didn't set foot outside. In my defense, I did have a shower today. But I didn't wash my hair. The scholarship search turned up quite a few things though. There are competitive grants for everything from Biomedical engineering geniuses to smiling competitions []. America is a land riddled with opportunity but with a people far too spoiled to realise just how lucky they are in terms of the sheer amount of choices they have out there. Seriously. Lots of scams, sure, comes with the territory, but compared to most other places in the world I'd imagine, American streets are littered with choices.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Sweet as I am, I don't really care about the attitude of the American people.

So, I have this presentation I'm working on for a Futures Studies class I'm doing. Now, I don't know, perhaps I'm a cynic but I'm a little dubious about this whole "forecasting the future" business. I could be right that all these "futurists" are have a screw loose or it could just be my own insecurity with being unable to control the unknown, after all it's a known fact that I am a control freak :P. Anyways, I got into it with my professor after he proclaimed that a well known futurist was "his God" and that he advocates that we consider that we'll be able to live forever when we write business plans. He didn't give me any answers but, after I decided to consider that it wasn't all a bunch of Star Trek Space Looney Poo and listened to Jim Dator [audio link], I think my professor (brilliant as he is), is probably a bit weird and just couldn't explain it to me satisfactorily. So here's my theory, the reason I (and maybe lots of other people) aren't comfortable with the idea of "futures" and "futurists" is because of the connotations of the term "futures". It's just hard for me to take seriously a discipline or a scientific method that uses language that conjures up images of ET, R2D2 and Spock. That's of course, my own ignorance to the fact that there's a World Futures Studies Federation. I mean, who knew? But essentially, that's it. Ignorance to possibility.

Ugh. That took some effort to get off my chest. Enough about Darth.

So today, in my feeble attempts to make myself feel better, lots of mindless little tasks got done. Filled in my calendar a bit, lengthened the To Do list, made a few calls inquiring about scholarships (all dead ends), rearranged text on my research paper, flipped between CNN and Colbert Report coverage of Super Tuesday (US pretend national election day), pondered gay rights and alternative futures, and watched Obama videos online. All whilst checking my Bebo and Myspace, of course. You know, real important stuff for a graduate student from Samoa who has a thesis to write and can't vote in this country.

Funny thing is, at the end of my shamelessly unproductive day... no guilt.


In fact, I'm even smiling about it.

Tomorrow though, if I do the same thing I'm gonna kick my ass.