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Teaseburger convo

"This cheeseburger is like, OMG, amazing!"

"It isn't "OMG amazing!" It's a cheeseburger."

"It's an OMG amazing! cheeseburger."

"No it's not. An "OMG amazing!" cheeseburger is one that has you salivating at the sight, eager to taste. Your senses quivering, aching to experience the flavours and juices that will no doubt erupt in your body. And afterwards, your world is in a daze. Disoriented, shaken by what just was.

That's an OMG amazing! cheeseburger."

["Pregnant" silence]

[Exhales] "You want the rest of this?"



lots on the mind
but unable
to articulate exactly what
the words are lost
entangled in the madness
of my thoughts
that keep me up
yet I can't explain
what they're about
or why they keep me up
just that they're there
and there's lots of them
overflowing on to my face
brimming with thoughts
that i cannot attribute meaning to
the communications major
unable to relay the message
oh bittersweet irony
they aren't thoughts.
they're feelings.
that can't be explained.
but only felt.
for no reason other than
to remind you of your ability
to feel.
perhaps I’m over analyzing.
Yes, perhaps.

Black and white bead art


The great scholarship search.

Today I spent the entire day watching TV and searching for scholarships online. Yes, I just threw in the second part of that sentence to make it seem like I actually did something productive today despite the fact that I didn't set foot outside. In my defense, I did have a shower today. But I didn't wash my hair. The scholarship search turned up quite a few things though. There are competitive grants for everything from Biomedical engineering geniuses to smiling competitions []. America is a land riddled with opportunity but with a people far too spoiled to realise just how lucky they are in terms of the sheer amount of choices they have out there. Seriously. Lots of scams, sure, comes with the territory, but compared to most other places in the world I'd imagine, American streets are littered with choices.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Sweet as I am, I don't really care about the attitude of the American people.

So, I have this presentation I'm working on…


there are days when your head just spins. for no reason other than, life is just getting to you. it's not the bills, its not work, or period pain, or the fact that your team lost or someone you had counted on has deserted you, its not the rain, its not the cold, its just, life. You know, it just bites some days. For no reason other than to create a break between the good days when everything makes sense. the days when you are able to smile in the face of adversity, the days that you can function fine despite shitty weather, backwards politics and bad driving. bad days provide funk, rhythm and tempo to the happy song you hum each day. on the days when you see the silver lining and are the wind beneath people's wings. the days where good triumphs over evil and love conquers all. yes, its just a break from your disgustingly sunny disposition. on some days, on those days, you just spin, because you're having a shitty day but you'd rather not inconvenience someone else wit…