I’m in San Francisco Airport, Hawaii bound and trying to keep myself entertained for an extra two hours thanks to the crappy service of United Airlines.


Well, it’s another delayed flight, another airport, another recap, a New Year! So let’s see, this is the closing leg of my White Christmas on the Mainland, which funnily enough, turned out to not be white at all, and barely even a Christmas. That said, I just spent new years in New York city with friends and it was nothing short of joyous. Despite the fact that there was still no snow and I found myself wandering around the lower East side of Manhattan in minus ten degree weather, being immersed in the crowded streets dotted with Christmas lights and bundled up people, losing myself in the throngs of Holiday shoppers, sitting in the loud filthy trains and enjoying the views of the Chrysler building in amongst a lit up New York city backdrop from the Roosevelt Island Tram, it didn’t take me long to remember why I was drawn back to this crazy city. Plus, enjoying it with great friends from home, nothing beats it. In terms of doing “stuff” we mostly explored all the free stuff in lower ManhattanChinatown, Financial District, Brooklyn Bridge, and New York’s endless slew of Parks (Battery, Bryant, Central.) Most of the time we just laughed, talked story, and had a merry old time while either eating fatty food or consuming copious amounts of alcohol - to keep us warm, of course.


New years was relatively quiet, we checked out Times Square earlier in the day and then joined a new years celebration by Pacific residents of New York. So we raised our glasses and belted out Auld Lang Syne (seriously) in the heated confinement of our friends friend’s Roosevelt Island apartment. The night continued with karaoke (I’m sure the noise levels caused a total eclipse of the neighbour’s hearts), pese Samoa, a drunken taualuga (by whom, I won’t mention, Ahem) until the sun rose on January 1st. Ho Ho Ho, Happy New Year.


Ah, a new year. 2008. Lots ahead this year for me. Big changes and plans for 2008. I could try and lay them out here but I’ve never been a big planner. Well actually I lie, I think about the future a lot, I just believe it’s unwise to set anything in stone because, you just never know how things will turn out. There are so many things I want to achieve and do I feel hard pressed to do them all before I’m 30, which I know is completely irrational but I can’t help my insatiable appetite for dreams. LOL! Possible dreams, mind you. I’m not trying to make my first trillion by the end of the next fiscal year; I just refuse to throw a corpse in the hole that isn’t well weathered from a damn good living. I think my impatience with life is probably typical of over achieving, optimistic, inexperienced over achievers. (Toot, toot, shuddup) It’s not that I can’t wait to be in my forties, jaded, older and wiser I mean, I still have to get beat down, ripped up and stressed out for that to happen, right? Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This year, let me be resolute to be patient, to be decisive, to look ahead and just enjoy life, today.


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