24 Questions

I turned 24 this week. I think birthdays stop getting fun after 21, which I can't say was particularly memorable either. lol. Influx of love on the day always makes me feel special, let that be said. My siblings think I'm old, but then, they always have. It never helps that I regulate like an embittered Nazi when I'm home. :) Miss those punks. To spare any more nonsensical musings, here's some mindless post birthday reflective spiel.

24 Questions After your 24th Birthday...
1. Name 2 Blessings.
a. Supportive parents who lecture me like crazy but have ultimately let me make my own choices.
b. Friends who remind me that no matter how crazy I think I am getting, there are always crazier people in the world. Love them!

2. What's your greatest achievement?
My relationship with my siblings.

3. What was the highlight of the past year?
Probably all the travel. [Upolu, Savaii, Auckland, Wellington, Honolulu, Big Island, New York, DC]

4. What was the worst thing about the past year?
Jet lag. And losing my damn cellphone. Twice! Argh.

5. Who is your hero?

6. What kind of music did you listen to this past year?
A mix of reggae, alternative, mainstream, and island stuff. Mostly reggae.

7. Concerts you attended this past year?
Kymani Marley, Fiji, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy, Wyclef, Lauryn Hill.

8. Great place you visited this year?
Most funnest this past year... probably NYC.

9. Interesting person you met this year?
A, and his highness Tupua Tamasese

10. Saddest moment of your past year?
Missing family.

11. Name a random happy moment in the past year.

12. Did you party much this year?
Not as much as past years. lol

13. Work much?
Not really. Ha!

14. What is your dream profession?
Currently, Telecom Regulator.

15. What one issue are you the most passionate about?
Economic prosperity in the Pacific. That, and shoes. lol.

16. Thing to remember the last year by?
Unexpected joys.

17. What's your religious views?
It's between me and Him.

18. What is your dream home?
Spacious. Beachfront. Close to family. Broadband. (lol)

19. Are you much different now then when you were 5 years ago?
5 years ago I was 19, a college student in New Zealand. I'm still me, just more grown. lol

20. Single greatest thing you acquired this past year?
Red, open toe suede pumps. They were on special too! Woohoo!

21. Last magazine you read?
Island business.

22. What perfume/ cologne did you wear this year?

23. What's something that hasn't changed in years.
My love for foooood.

24. Plans for this coming year?
Make it my best yet.


reesa said…
Happy belated birthday bub.
sida said…
Happy Belated Birthday! I always meant to email ga remind mai e Henry.
...but I'm still stuck at #9. O ai "A"????lol
Fotu said…

Malo Sika CSI!

A...lmighty Jesus Christ.

Lotopa said…
24! Don't even get me started. I'm going to be 29 tomorrow. I'm thisclose to 30. Another whole decade. Excuse me while I go buy myself a cake and a gallon of ice cream to cry in to.

Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday! Too bad you couldn't have celebrated at Yogi's. You know how they throw birthday bashes...
Fotu said…
Oh to have a Yogi's birthday. LOL! Whatever makes you feel young i say!