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January is closing up, February will fly by and next thing you know, it will be 2012, which will be the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. Ha! My point being, time is flying. School is three weeks deep, nope, don't feel like I'm learning yet, but such is the fact that time is ticking and the new smell has worn off the no longer new year. I'm doing one class, which may not sound like a lot but it's a "futures studies" class (don't ask) plus I'm supposed to write a couple of hundred pages in my spare time, so in actual unfortunate fact, I actually do have to wake up in the morning.

About two weeks ago I attended PTC'08 - annual Telecom conference held in Honolulu - the personal equivalent of Disneyland for Telecom enthusiasts. Comparing it to last year's conference, I got a lot more out of this one, perhaps because I wasn't so awe-struck at being surrounded by some fricken cool people/ gadgets and could utter more than a du…

24 Questions

I turned 24 this week. I think birthdays stop getting fun after 21, which I can't say was particularly memorable either. lol. Influx of love on the day always makes me feel special, let that be said. My siblings think I'm old, but then, they always have. It never helps that I regulate like an embittered Nazi when I'm home. :) Miss those punks. To spare any more nonsensical musings, here's some mindless post birthday reflective spiel.

24 Questions After your 24th Birthday...
1. Name 2 Blessings.
a. Supportive parents who lecture me like crazy but have ultimately let me make my own choices.
b. Friends who remind me that no matter how crazy I think I am getting, there are always crazier people in the world. Love them!

2. What's your greatest achievement?
My relationship with my siblings.

3. What was the highlight of the past year?
Probably all the travel. [Upolu, Savaii, Auckland, Wellington, Honolulu, Big Island, New York, DC]

4. What was the worst thing about the past year?


I’m in San Francisco Airport, Hawaii bound and trying to keep myself entertained for an extra two hours thanks to the crappy service of United Airlines. Hmph.Well, it’s another delayed flight, another airport, another recap, a New Year! So let’s see, this is the closing leg of my White Christmas on the Mainland, which funnily enough, turned out to not be white at all, and barely even a Christmas.That said, I just spent new years in New York city with friends and it was nothing short of joyous. Despite the fact that there was still no snow and I found myself wandering around the lower East side of Manhattan in minus ten degree weather, being immersed in the crowded streets dotted with Christmas lights and bundled up people, losing myself in the throngs of Holiday shoppers, sitting in the loud filthy trains and enjoying the views of the Chrysler building in amongst a lit up New York city backdrop from the Roosevelt Island Tram, it didn’t take me long to remember why I was drawn back to …