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RHD Issue.

It's a current issue that is hot on the press and heating up the heads of a not consulted public and business community. And rightly so I say. HRPP has blitzed a Right Hand Drive bill through Parliament, ineffectively opposed, if at all and is now sitting confidently, sharing a beer and a laugh amongst cronies while they ride out the public backlash.

Tui touts the "vision for the future", "tourism" and "help the poor" cards like he was addressing an entire nation of idiots who can't decide for themselves what's good for themselves. Clearly Tui's leadership has gotten us far, but it's as though, the man cannot be reasoned with. Who does he think he is to expect us to have blind faith in him? Jesus Christ? It's a level of presumptuousness that I find arrogant and disappointing.

I am primarily outraged, not at the preposterousness of this bill, but at how it was inadvertently force-fed to a nation full businesses, drivers and families who are all directly affected without proper justification. What of opposition? What opposition? Clearly there is a severe disconnect between the Public and their electoral representatives if they have to form their own political protest. Discredited SDUP put forth no legitimate threat to HRPP might since too few take them seriously thanks to a few well timed, widely publicised, comically slanderous comments from seasoned HRPP veterans on SDUP's campaign making them appear like a bunch of ill prepared bumbling fools. Oh the irony of the Samoan sense of humour.

MP's are silent. Spineless? Maybe. Jobs and reputations on the line. And after all, it can't be easy trying to not rock the already overcrowded majority boat. Sao! First one to speak might have to swim home. Or worse, catch the raft with the seemingly bumbling fools.

What the real effects of this public march will be, in my opinion will be limited beyond allowing people to vent for a bit. But one thing is clear, HRPP's monopoly government though clearly has ushered in progress in many tangible ways, is now being done on the terms of a select few. Little bites like that can fester into Banaimarama, new King of Tonga and Solomon Islands if wounds are not tended early.

Not enough chiefs, and the Indians, well, they're marching, but they'll be home by 6.

Solutions? Good question. A starting point to the answer is to question. Question the PM. question the MP's. Make them answer. But more importantly, make them realise that they ought to be questioned. We aren't unreasonable, and we deserve answers. Some public airing of issues - both sides - seems necessary. At the least, a decent response from Govt is required. And last I checked, Jesus Christ didn't have a fat gut and an air con landcruiser.


gusdafa said…
This is what happens when the chiefs smoke too happy-tree leaves.

July new year is going to be interesting.