Pour humour

The weather is temperamental today. The showers are intermittent, and indecisive. Much like watching badly timed commercials on TV in Samoa. It's as though God's up there beyond the clouds playing with the "rain" button laughing at dry people get soaked after misreading the clouds.

Case in point. I decided to walk my freshly showered ass over to my friends office on campus as we'd decided to do lunch. After I deciding against taking an umbrella and opting for a sandwich place right across campus, no doubt I was asking God to wring a rain cloud over my head. My friend, being the smart grad student that he is decided to take an umbrella just in case. As fate would have it, the second we step out of the building niagra falls rains on me. We decide to make a dash for it. Now, if you can picture two "healthy" sized Pacific Islanders trying to fit under an umbrella clearly made for anorexia patients practically swimming through campus while being pelted by raindrops the size of nashi pears, you can see why God would be playing some kind of nasty joke on the fat people.

Of course, the second we sit down to grub, it stops raining. It rained while I walked home. I've showered again and dried off, and a second ago I was getting ready to let some pounding rain lull me to sleep and I look out to see sun rays peaking through my windows.

Ha fricken Ha, God. Ya got me.


tia said…
Hahaha! Haven't been on blogspot in AGES! LOVE all the new posts! This one made me laugh :)