Not to be poetic or anything...


Spontaneous smiles and booming laughs.
Talk about life. About truth.
About nothing in comfortable silences.
Sweet nothings and sweet everythings.
Safety in embrace.
So different, yet so familiar.
Each with own dreams.
And own demons.
But sharing a lens to the world. A paradigm.
Like two were tangents in a past life.
Or perhaps in a future one.
Scared. That it's just a dream.
Uncertain because it seems so fast.
But remembering.
That where nothing is certain, everything is possible.
It's quite possible.
That it feels right.
Simply because, it is right.
The smell, the feeling, the sight.
It's a beautiful thing.
To just.


cste said…
that's beautiful
Tia said…
so who is he?hehe