Happy Holidays :)

Well it's been an interesting week on the East Coast. My visions of a white Christmas were quite abruptly blown out of the water by the realisation that firstly it wasn't snowing in DC and secondly it had somehow never been mentioned to me that family here were Jehovah's Witness (of the sort who don't believe in celebratory acts) so not only was there no white, there wasn't even a Christmas. At least not of the traditional tree, presents and drunken family members sort that I'm used to. Nevertheless, after a "boohoo for me" moment, I decided to just build a bridge and make the most of being half way across the world. So I caught up with friends, went to museums, shopped in 5 storey malls, read books on the metro, and come Christmas Eve I found myself performing the decidedlly gay (or French) greeting (kissing both cheeks) at a rather international Christmas Eve dinner in upmarket Van Ness close to downtown DC. After a great dinner of unrecognisable delights and very thoughtful gift exchanging that could only have been prepared by a group of international gay urbanites, I spent the wee hours of Christmas morning sharing a G&T in Dupont to numb the pain from battling the blistering cold in my four inch festive red heels. The rest of the day was pleasantly quiet in between sleepy slumber, DVDs, heavy snacking, and phonecalls from drunken family members in the Southern Hemisphere. Ho Ho Ho. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas/ Hannukah/ 25 of December/ Tuesday... or whatever you want to call it.

Aside from there being no snow, the weather has been on downright bipolar. Swinging between sunny, albeit cold Summer day and then torrential rain the next. I, of course, never quite dress right and end up either carrying heavy coats or walking around in cold drenched socks. I bought some serious eskimo style ugh boots yesterday and this morning, clear blue skies and the sun is smiling stupidly. Go figure.

Tomorrow I fly to New York. Everybody I've talked to about watching the ball drop for New Years has told me horror stories of waiting for hours in the cold and not being able to move or pee. I'll have to wait and see what's in store but at the very least, my feet will be warm.

Happy New Years!