HNL > LAX > Washington, Dulles

Touched down in LAX half an hour early. Determined to be ready for the cold, I am bundled like a displaced Eskimo in scarf, woolly sweater and a coat in hand, you know, in case a blizzard blows the top off LAX. The majority of people here are wearing t shirts. I guess I'm a little over enthusiastic, and who can blame me, I come from the buttcrack of the equator, who knows how my sun drenched skin will react to streets lined with ice. I'm sure I'll think I was in some kind of giant cocktail and half expect liqueur to come gushing from the sky.

Since I’m doing another one of my airport recaps let’s see… It's been a crazy last week of school. Crazy. Thesis changed. Again and again. Right down to the day I handed it in. The process was long and dragging to get it to the state I submitted in, which was "completed". Well sort of. I settled on "Regulation and Innovation in Telecommunications in Samoa." More on thesis crap another day but just quickly I'll be looking at the impact of competition on innovation in providers in the wireless mobile and internet service markets, respectively. I've locked myself into a nothing short of impossible schedule to conduct, analyse, write up, defend thesis and graduate in three months. Impossible. I guess that's what happens when you sleep for, oh, a year and then realise there's actually work to be done. Oh well, we shall see what the good lord has in store. It’s been a good week though. One to remember that’s for sure.

My family are all over this Christmas. Some in Samoa, some in New Zealand and I'm on my way to the East Coast. Oh yes, white Christmas on the east coast. That's what's happening. I'm headed to DC for Christmas week and then onwards to New York for New Years. I'm excited and petrified at the same time. Excited to be able to see what this whole white Christmas deal is all about, make snow angels and pummel some unsuspecting passerby with snow balls. And then petrified at the possibility of hypothermia and frostbite. I've always preferred my snow, at a safe distance, like in Antarctica or in controlled doses, like in a margarita glass, with Jose, limes and a cocktail umbrella. So here I go, breaking out of my comfort zone off to discover snow and I’m excitedly petrified about it.


Bored at LAXBored at LAX 3Bored at LAX 2

“United Airlines flight 210 to Dulles Airport, Washington DC, delayed”. Stupid intercom was my first thought, as though the lady announcing it was somehow responsible for the plane not arriving on time.. So I was stuck for an additional 4 hours at LAX with nothing to do but sleep, eat and yea, that’s about it really. Impatient as I am, after half an hour of sitting and people watching, I thought I would scream. After tormenting myself I finally managed to sleep until departure time, hence I’m awake through the flight. So we’ve been in the air now for about 3 and half hours. I’ve watched the movie, ate my 7-11 salad, talked small talk with neighbour passenger, just about killed all the possible things to do on a flight and now I’m just counting down the last agonizing hour of being on a red eye flight where I can’t sleep. Flight attendants are mainly men on this flight. It kind of looks like a team of new york cabbies took over the flight with their dark hair and defined features. No accents though. I find myself slightly disappointed at that. The service is decent enough. Air NZ trumps United though. Ugly Betty is on the screens. I never understood why they try to portray her has dorky and frumpy. I think she’s pretty cool, even with that ridiculous poncho. The inflight movie on earlier was “The Ultimate Gift” Classic feel good sorta movie. One those cliché ones that you know is cliché but you cry anyways. Not that I cried or anything. Ahem. It’s about 9pm Hawaii time. I left at 7am so I’ve been traveling for about 14 hours now. About half an hour until we land. Tick. Tock. Oh, I think we’re descending now… wish me luck!