All day at the dentist.

Waiting Room

Air con billows
Chilling the sterile air
Plastic Christmas tree
Failing to quell the damp stench of sick in the air
With it's feigned recycled festivity.

Waiting lines
Walk ins. "But it's an emergency!"'
"These people have been here for hours sir.
You'll have to wait in line"
Ill, impatient eyes divert around the room
Screaming "Get in line asshole!"

Tap tap
Goes the secretary's keyboard
Loudly exerting her authority
Impatient frustration on her face
And the day's not even
Half done

With her flowing maroon flora dress
Embroidery about the waist
She waits in line
Behind Mary Ann, the old haole
In the orange shirt demanding service
Like she's entitled.

Big brother
Plays with baby sister
"Cooochycoo. Yesh you arre beaudifuul arenchtoo"
Bright laughing innocent eyes
Smiles crack around the room.

I read.
I write. Shift shift
Sweep a gaze over the room again
Still the same since two hours ago
Except for changing figures
in the seats in the waiting room


Miss C. said…
lol...and the only thing I ever remember is the pain.
Fotu said…

i'm still blocking that out.