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Happy Holidays :)

Well it's been an interesting week on the East Coast. My visions of a white Christmas were quite abruptly blown out of the water by the realisation that firstly it wasn't snowing in DC and secondly it had somehow never been mentioned to me that family here were Jehovah's Witness (of the sort who don't believe in celebratory acts) so not only was there no white, there wasn't even a Christmas. At least not of the traditional tree, presents and drunken family members sort that I'm used to. Nevertheless, after a "boohoo for me" moment, I decided to just build a bridge and make the most of being half way across the world. So I caught up with friends, went to museums, shopped in 5 storey malls, read books on the metro, and come Christmas Eve I found myself performing the decidedlly gay (or French) greeting (kissing both cheeks) at a rather international Christmas Eve dinner in upmarket Van Ness close to downtown DC. After a great dinner of unrecognisable d…

HNL > LAX > Washington, Dulles

Touched down in LAX half an hour early. Determined to be ready for the cold, I am bundled like a displaced Eskimo in scarf, woolly sweater and a coat in hand, you know, in case a blizzard blows the top off LAX. The majority of people here are wearing t shirts. I guess I'm a little over enthusiastic, and who can blame me, I come from the buttcrack of the equator, who knows how my sun drenched skin will react to streets lined with ice. I'm sure I'll think I was in some kind of giant cocktail and half expect liqueur to come gushing from the sky.

Since I’m doing another one of my airport recaps let’s see… It's been a crazy last week of school. Crazy. Thesis changed. Again and again. Right down to the day I handed it in. The process was long and dragging to get it to the state I submitted in, which was "completed". Well sort of. I settled on "Regulation and Innovation in Telecommunications in Samoa." More on thesis crap another day but just quickly I…

Not to be poetic or anything...


Spontaneous smiles and booming laughs.
Talk about life. About truth.
About nothing in comfortable silences.
Sweet nothings and sweet everythings.
Safety in embrace.
So different, yet so familiar.
Each with own dreams.
And own demons.
But sharing a lens to the world. A paradigm.
Like two were tangents in a past life.
Or perhaps in a future one.
Scared. That it's just a dream.
Uncertain because it seems so fast.
But remembering.
That where nothing is certain, everything is possible.
It's quite possible.
That it feels right.
Simply because, it is right.
The smell, the feeling, the sight.
It's a beautiful thing.
To just.

For Aps

Old man's smile.

Young child.
Eyes to a soul so deep.
Carrying a burden of expectation.
On a personal mission.
To make the old man smile.

The furrows in your brow.
As winds blew and nights got cold.
And semesters dragged on.
Scars of a growing up.
Of perseverance.

Onwards with the quest.
Stopping occasionally.
To live a little.
Stumbling occasionally.
Feeling like "The End" was a ruse.

Turning to music.
To God.
To wise mummy.
To the old man's smile.
To light the way again.

I've seen the determination.
In your quiet demeanor.
The eloquence in your writing.
It betrays you.
I've seen you fight.

Fight to get there.
To see it through.
I smile as I think of you.
I know your old man smiles.
As he watches you walk.

Young woman
With your furrowed brow
And your deep soulful eyes.
With your burdens and missions and eloquence.
You've always had your old man's smile.

It's in you.

Pour humour

The weather is temperamental today. The showers are intermittent, and indecisive. Much like watching badly timed commercials on TV in Samoa. It's as though God's up there beyond the clouds playing with the "rain" button laughing at dry people get soaked after misreading the clouds.

Case in point. I decided to walk my freshly showered ass over to my friends office on campus as we'd decided to do lunch. After I deciding against taking an umbrella and opting for a sandwich place right across campus, no doubt I was asking God to wring a rain cloud over my head. My friend, being the smart grad student that he is decided to take an umbrella just in case. As fate would have it, the second we step out of the building niagra falls rains on me. We decide to make a dash for it. Now, if you can picture two "healthy" sized Pacific Islanders trying to fit under an umbrella clearly made for anorexia patients practically swimming through campus while being pelted by r…

Intellectual banter.

F - "Schools a bitch. Wanna drink?"

J - "I have to write a paper."

F - "Ewww."

[Enter C]

F - "C, J wants to study."

C - "Ewww J"

J - "What? It's due at 8"

F & C - "Boooo"

Dammit light at the end, where are you?

The home stretch is always the hardest. It's the last week of school and it is dragging ass.

I'm there. I'm almost done. I just can't be bothered.

Devoid of inspiration. Motivation. Energy. Desire.


I can't sleep. I can barely study.

I just want to scream in a room until I can't scream anymore so I can just get on with it.



Ok, here's me just getting on with it.

Thoughts of an Indian.

RHD Issue.

It's a current issue that is hot on the press and heating up the heads of a not consulted public and business community. And rightly so I say. HRPP has blitzed a Right Hand Drive bill through Parliament, ineffectively opposed, if at all and is now sitting confidently, sharing a beer and a laugh amongst cronies while they ride out the public backlash.

Tui touts the "vision for the future", "tourism" and "help the poor" cards like he was addressing an entire nation of idiots who can't decide for themselves what's good for themselves. Clearly Tui's leadership has gotten us far, but it's as though, the man cannot be reasoned with. Who does he think he is to expect us to have blind faith in him? Jesus Christ? It's a level of presumptuousness that I find arrogant and disappointing.

I am primarily outraged, not at the preposterousness of this bill, but at how it was inadvertently force-fed to a nation full businesses, drivers …

All day at the dentist.

Waiting Room

Air con billows
Chilling the sterile air
Plastic Christmas tree
Failing to quell the damp stench of sick in the air
With it's feigned recycled festivity.

Waiting lines
Walk ins. "But it's an emergency!"'
"These people have been here for hours sir.
You'll have to wait in line"
Ill, impatient eyes divert around the room
Screaming "Get in line asshole!"

Tap tap
Goes the secretary's keyboard
Loudly exerting her authority
Impatient frustration on her face
And the day's not even
Half done

With her flowing maroon flora dress
Embroidery about the waist
She waits in line
Behind Mary Ann, the old haole
In the orange shirt demanding service
Like she's entitled.

Big brother
Plays with baby sister
"Cooochycoo. Yesh you arre beaudifuul arenchtoo"
Bright laughing innocent eyes
Smiles crack around the room.

I read.
I write. Shift shift
Sweep a gaze over the room again
Still the same since two hours ago
Except for changi…