White flag, fai mai ai Dido.

Well, my homework is still up in the air. But I've decided it's Friday. Don't Feel Guilty About Not Doing Homework Friday, in fact. So here, have a party hat, wave a flag, blow a horn.

Toot toot.

Speaking of horns and flags, it's no secret I've been waving the "I like bad boys" banner and then consequently the "All men are assholes" flag for a while in defiance at all the disappointments dealt to me and every other woman from the Love Tarot of Life. Yes. That's me. The chick with the cute shoes waving the "Men are Evil Horny Assholes" flag. LoL! Lately though I've considered, what if... I'm wrong.

Seriously. WHAT IF, not every man out there is out to use lines, have cheap drunken sex (not that that's ever happened to me :P) to cultivate some half-assed excuse for a "relationship" and then disappear at length leaving girls with nothing but a series of hangovers and a reinforced belief in a self fulfilled prophecy of unhappiness. What if, some guys are good. What if, the only reason assholes stay in your life is because you put up with them. What if, at some point, lord willing, you have to accept that if a guy isn't trying to be the kind of man you need in your life, then that's just not good enough and you just ain't having it. What if that flag, despite it being so familiar and comfortable, like a favourite pair of jeans or a blankie - is just getting kind of old. Not to mention sort of skanky.

I recently heard from someone who earned his own weathered patch in the Asshole flag. I was suprised at how indifferent I felt at the correspondence. My indifference must have showed because after pretty much ignoring the late night booty calls (haha. auuuuu! kala pesto) mo phonecalls I get the text message "Are you mad at me?". I thought about it and truthfully - I'm not. I'm just not having some half-assedness in my world anymore.

"You live and you learn," as they say. Took me long enough. Though I've never been known for my promptness. The saying should be - "You and live and you learn. Some day. Hopefully." For those of us that are slow learners anyway. Coz when a sister is gonna get strung out on why all the mens she is meeting are trifilin' good for nothing type of brothers (thank you destiny). It's just a whole lot of stringing over a whole mess of averageness which, let's face it, you could get the same from a bowl of noodles.

Just don't have it. Have that Cuisine Linguine Pasta. Might take longer but it's probably worth the wait, so have it anyway. Hahaha! (Uerrrr.. Masagi ai?) Haha. Ioe.

BUT when you've reached that point where "you just ain't having it" - You entertain the possibility - What if?