Dear Ex,

You're sorry?

You're sorry.


Well, don't be. Even though you should be. But you know what, I'm not.

As suckful and sordid as it was, I'm not sorry it happened. In fact, I'm thankful it happened. I didn't know what I wanted. Thanks to you, I know what I don't want.

I don't want someone who is sweet and funny and talks to me for hours on end, but doesn't mean a word they say. I don't want someone who forges a deep connection with me but is really pretty shallow. I don't want someone who loves me truly, but is indecisive, selfish and really only loves himself. I don't want good times, excitement, and butterflies that are founded on "hope", "maybe" and "tomorrow". I don't need someone that doesn't know a damn good thing when he's got it and then wants more.

You were pretty fucking selfish. And I was a damn fool to wait for it to end how it did. But whatever, it was easier to live in the dream than to accept the reality. I didn't know better. But thanks to you, I know better now.

Today, I can say - Fuck "hopes" and "maybes" and "tomorrow". I deserve mine. And I deserve it today.

And don't think I'm tryna get back at you. I'm over trying to hate you. This is me accepting reality, thanks to you.

So, sorry are you? Don't be.

I'm not.



tia said…
Tuff le rant a le aunt!hahaha. You go girl!;)
Surina said…
Wow now that was the best I heard in a long time! Malo lave
sukahoney said…
love this blog entry, faika? yes i am. lol.