Sure signs you're going crazy.

You have the serenity prayer as your desktop wallpaper to abate your sporadic anxiety attacks as you spend all day reading through at least half a forest's worth of paper because you've decided to start your 40 page thesis from scratch, and THEN it's 7pm and you're sitting in class annoyed at having been made to interact with other beings and you look down to avert your eyes from shooting daggers and you notice... you're wearing different shoes!


Kefe ia se.

Moral of the story: When under pressure, be careful not to look like an airhead.


kuaback said…
keige foi o seevae eseese

malo fotu..but the pulesa
juliacp said…
LMAOOO!!!!! how is it that you understand me?!?!!! LMAOOO!! and considering you're a shoe-psycho-ish person.. to have a mismatched pair.. omg! lol!