Make Sense.

Excuse me?! The indignation!
Isn't that lovely :):):) This taastes AMAZING!
A series of exclamations as my heightened senses throw me around on a particularly morose Monday.
Exhausting!... Melancholy... Depressed.
Coffee. Sweet. Sugar High. Giddy. Delicious.
I neither feel happy nor sad. I just feel.

I'm questioning.
Making snap judgments
He's so arrogant. Who is he to know?
Oh I absolutely agree! It's like this one time...
What's the point? How does this apply outside of this room?
These bloody people don't know what they're on about!
I neither think right or wrong. I just think.

Your culture. My culture.
Where do we draw the line?
Well it depends. Who's drawing the line?
Accept me. Reject me.
Should I care what you think?
To whom should I matter?
To God? To mother? To teacher? To me?
I am neither this nor that. I just am.


juliacp said…
beautiful... sense made.