Halloween '07

Well, Halloween was utter craziness in Waikiki. After last year's equally crazy showdown I knew I had to make an event out of it this year. I found it a perfectly good excuse to buy a brand new pair of shoes which I can't stress enough to people that don't care just how AWESOME they are! So awesome that if it had rained... I would trolloped around Waikiki barefoot in my flaming pantyhose just so I wouldn't ruin the suede. That didn't eventuate, and probably wouldn't have after my upteenth glass of ghastly fluids mixed up by the psychadelic disco girl with the fake lashes. But alas, the point is, they are pretty fucking awesome. So there! :) I'll stop now. So I got decked out in devil wear (which is a stretch, I admit ;)) and hit town with some psychadelic disco dancers, a sheriff, a vampire, a mummy and an exchange student from the future to get in amongst the madness.

The night was a big colourful blurrr and I won't say much other than the fact that I woke up at 4pm the next day as a testiment to the sort of night it was. Oh, and I lost my pitchfork. :( But my shoes are fine :) Other than that, on to the important thing... Evidence!

In spooky company.

Gurls with the landshark Before hitting Waiks

Hilda the vampire, Fotu the devil, Mayco the mummy! Me and Crystal

Some of the stellar costumes of the night.

Cleopatra & Pharoah... one of my favourite costumes Ketchup @ Mustard! haha
Mr. Wheaties Box Nacho Libre

Honorable Mentions

Most delicious costume

The skinniest Ninja Turtle I ever saw.
Ninja turtles!

Leo the Lion's faafafige cousin Leonara Kitty Kat.

The Pimps were out.

Shark Attack! lol
Shark attack!

I have more than a 100 pics. If you're dying for more. Click here.