Pancake Land

It's a great place. Without dramas or debt. No due dates, no questions of life purpose, no gossip. Just reggae, great weather, fiiine men (on mute) and pancakes. Lots of pancakes. Where is this eutopia, you might ask? Well I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Or say really horrible things about you behind your back or something. All I can tell you is that I went there. On Sunday. And it was great. :)

Following a great night out at a rather creatively named establishment called "The Monkey Bar" of laughs, dancing and being crammed into a boot with a teacher who could point out mormons just by looking at them (even in the dark apparently. lol) my friend and I decided to "go cruise" in the official vehicle that we'd scored for the day. Oh yea, perfect. Two girls, going to the beach, tryna look cute, and pulling up in a big old 15 seater Chevy Van with workplace name tagged all over it. Sexy. lol.

We stopped for breakfast at a little out of way place which shall remain secret (Boots and Kimo in Kailua) where I had perhaps the most delicious pancakes I have had. EVER. No joke. Trust me, breakfast is my favourite meal, I know my pancakes (thank you panikeke lima sene from the makeki fou!) and I have no doubt that these pancakes are what people in heaven order in diners on Cloud 9. My only gripe with the place was that the host guy thought it funny when he wrote down my name and number of people. He goes - So "Fotu" for two?" We let's all have a chuckle about it - coz you know, it's never been pointed out to me before that my name sounds like Four Two. Yea, never. Since last week. At least he didn't call me Tofu. I have friends that have known me for years that slip up and call me that. That, well that's just hilarious to everyone else but the one being mistaken for a vegan curd meal. Anyways! mediocre humour aside, they can call me whatever they want if they give me pancakes. After my instant fix of happiness, we set off to the beach where I swear, the sand was powder soft, the sun was comfortably warm, the tide was rolling in slowly and there were shirtless men cavorting before us tryna holler. Auerrrr! Hahaha.


Of course, I fell asleep and woke up to the sound of my crisping skin, to find no boys, sand up in all sorts of places and nicely noticeably tan goggles around my eyes from sleeping in the sun with my big sunnies on. Damn you UV rays! lol. So we packed up, and sought comfort in cold drinks and air con as we gunned our Chevy home to sounds of UB40. As the icy liquid cooled and the cooing of Ali Campbell soothed, I couldn't help but smile. A lasting pancake smile.

Sa'o a o le fatty. Ae o la e lili! Pugi. hahaha.


True Willow said…
LOL! Do you know how many times I had to hear my cousin say that his name "Tulaga" meant too long in English. heehee Man your blog is making hungry, no good for my eating disorder. LOL~
Fotu said…
LOL @ Too Long Tulaga!

Disorder schmorder girl.

Go handle something deep fried! LoL :)

Have a good weekend.
supasta said…
this was a good laugh....

but y the teacher with pointing out mormons..kai le

good stuff mamas:)

one luv
Omega & Alex said…
Somehow with the way you described the pancake place I imagined that place in 50 first dates where Drew Barrymore hung out everyday! Haha sounds like Utopia indeed. Funny too cos I had my pancake day this week so had to make them myself haha! Hope your hormonal eating disorder goes away soon!
Fotu said…
Supasta :) lol.. guy pointing out mormons - he was jus drunk and tryna be funny. crazy boy.

Omega :) Eating has stablised... solution - I went off the meds. I couldn't handle all the craving, plus I couldn't afford all that cake. lol.

Thanks for stopping ladies.

Manuia le weekend!