Man up, bitch!

I've been so emo lately, feeling uber sensitive and asking big life questions. Yes, sickening isn't it? I'm rather disgusted with myself.

"Don't off my mind!"

I'm pissed that lately I haven't been feeling quite like my cynical, spiteful, black-hearted self that saw the world for the evil, blood-sucking place it is and hated it unapologetically. Who is this sugary, glossy eyed girl who has the time to be surprised that the world is anything less than a damn shitty place some days?

I swear, I think old age is making me soft. Just the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. And to all the geriatrics quick to point out that 23 hardly qualifies as old age, and that "life is what you make it." Please Grandma, save your "youth is wasted on the young" spiels for someone else with a hearing aid. You're wrinkly! Tough shit!

*Deep breath*

Ok, I feel better.