So I've changed things around a bit in here, new colours, new names, purely because... I felt like it.

Schools started. I can't say I'm particularly thrilled about that, considering it's preventing me from being home for SPG, buuuut, despite a rocky and mildly hateful start to the semester, two weeks in, things are going pretty well. As in, my classes actually interest me, and my professors don't put me to sleep within the first ten minutes of class. It's more like half an hour now, but it's an improvement. And my schedule is ridiculously open. I have a class on Tuesday night and one on Wednesday afternoon which leaves me with a 6 day weekend which starts on Wednesday night and finishes on Tuesday afternoon. Sounds pretty good right. Well, two weeks in I've decided I can only sleep so much, and I really can't afford for my braincells to lay dormant for 85% of the week so, I'm looking for that yucky little thing called a job.

The revamp extends to my life too you see. lol

I'm currently on "The Master Cleanse". Basically it's a diet whereby you eat nothing for ten days but you drink a recipe of lemonade with cayenne pepper (Hot!). It supposedly has a cleansing effect on your body and the book (yes there's a book, and yes I read it) claims that it is a "cure for all disease". However, the author, Stephen Burroughs, also advocates against eating meat, so I'm not sure where me and him would see eye to eye. The book seemed kind of extremist to me, but upon return from my Summer my body felt polluted to the point where I felt sick all the time and I lost all desire to drink (but did it anyway), so at that point, I felt like a good old detox was exactly what I needed. So, I'm seven days in (I honestly didn't think I'd make it past the second day) and I feel great. I'm only the tiniest bit sick now, I've lost all of about 2 pounds (ha!) but I sleep so well at night and my energy levels have been the same throughout as before I started. For some crazy reason, hunger hasn't been as much of a problem as I anticipated. I miss eating food, I mourn it even, but I'm not particularly hungry, it's strange. In fact the hardest thing about this has been the Salt Water Flush. You're supposed to drink a quart(!) of water and sea salt every morning which is supposed to flush out all the toxins loosened by drinking the lemonade and well, let's just say breakfasting on seawater, is about as bad as it sounds. My tongue is coated in some thin layer of white something or rather. A sign that your body is releasing toxins. When your tongue returns to it's normal colour, it's a sign that your body is "cleansed"... so the second mine turns pink I'm grubbin. lol. No, I'm going to try and keep a healthier outlook on life, but for however long I can feel cleansed, I'mma enjoy that two weeks. :)

Wish me luck for the rest of it.

Good luck to all the Samoa SPG Teams!!!


Good stuff...I like the new look. Well, I was dubbed a Rockin Girl Blogger so I now pass the award on to you. Head over to my craft blog (no giggles) and copy your blogger button to post. It's quite an honor :)
Fotu said…
Thanks girl will check your stuff out. :)