I'm in this weird brooding mood, and it's annoying because today was a fairly nomal day and nothing has really happened today which might explain why I'm feeling kind of... deep and annoyingly introspective about nothing. It could just be the combination of the 1000g dosage of painkillers I took this afternoon and the chocolate milkshake I had tonight making me woozy. Nevertheless, let me spiel.

Ok, so this will sound annoyingly like a forward or a first time poet's stab at the poetry slam but whatever, it's on my mind so let me just spit this out here so I can get some sleep.

Some inalienable truths about day to day life that I discovered today.

Family, even though you've know them your whole life, are just hard to figure out sometimes.

Friends, even though you haven't seen them in years, can get annoying if you spend your every minute with them.

Boys, even good ones that you think are different, can be just as stupid or socially inept as the ones that you already knew were that way.

Work, even though you know it's interesting, worthwhile and well paying, is just dragging ass some days.

Money, even though you know isn't the measure of happiness, makes life so much easier when you have it.

God, even though we believers know he exists, he sits pretty quietly some times doesn't he?

People, even though you know are people just like you, are absolutely nothing like you.

Life, even though we know it's unpredictable, still manages to surprise you, every day.

Yea, so I learnt all that today. In my not so eventful day. Like, who does that? Told you I was feeling weird. "Life is full of surprises" - how so not profound. Perhaps the search for something profound is really just over-rated. Much like good looking men. Ha! So I should call in the search parties and just chill the fuck out. Here I am having a mild panic attack because I'm feeling anxious about nothing when it probably is the pills. Reminds me of a prescription gone awry that I had last semester that made me an emotional wreck! It was surreal, in a self loathing, pity party kind of way. You can bet my friends loved me on that! :) Anyways, the point is (I'm looking for one).. it probably really is the drugs making my brain all floaty and light. Alas, I digress. Off to dream I go. I hope the comedown is not a bitch.

So long. Farewell. I'm normal can't you teeeell.


True Willow said…
Awww...feel better. What are the pain pills for??
Fotu said…
Toothache! Worst kind of pain. Worse than heart ache. lol.

But yea, I was over it in the morning. :)
True Willow said…
Sh*t! You're not kidding...that hurts. And I think we Samoans have a high tolerance for pain...I remember watching the old man putting up with a toothache, until his face swelled up. I explained to him that NOW would be a good time to go to the dentist. ahahahaha Even if they are white people trying to take your money, and I don't want to hear how in Samoa he could get free dental work.*sigh*

Much alofa, sweetie!
Fotu said…

I shall say nothing of free dental work in Samoa.

Nothing. :)

Painkillers, like say, 6 at a time, Work too though.