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Introducing Roxanne.

Two days in a row now I've been posted up in the library. Rather monumental seeing as I don't come here for more than one day at a time, and most of the time it's to cool off on hot days when I (or my wallet) can't quite make it to Jamba on the other side of campus. And it's for obvious reasons I don't come here. Firstly, it's like walking in to a polar ice cap and secondly, it's a library, the defeaning sound of "study" makes me nauseous. Cold and Silence. I associate both with death. Plus I like my music loud, and it's a popular theory also that I'm just lazy. :)

So anyways, I'm here and I felt it worth a mention that I started to write my thesis yesterday. I'm three pages deep (only about 97 to go) and the bulk of the work remains in bullet point format under the heading "Step 1" but it's amazing affirmation to just be able to have a word document called "Thesis Dissertation V1" though I'm debating…


I'm in this weird brooding mood, and it's annoying because today was a fairly nomal day and nothing has really happened today which might explain why I'm feeling kind of... deep and annoyingly introspective about nothing. It could just be the combination of the 1000g dosage of painkillers I took this afternoon and the chocolate milkshake I had tonight making me woozy. Nevertheless, let me spiel.

Ok, so this will sound annoyingly like a forward or a first time poet's stab at the poetry slam but whatever, it's on my mind so let me just spit this out here so I can get some sleep.

Some inalienable truths about day to day life that I discovered today.

Family, even though you've know them your whole life, are just hard to figure out sometimes.

Friends, even though you haven't seen them in years, can get annoying if you spend your every minute with them.

Boys, even good ones that you think are different, can be just as stupid or socially inept as the ones that you a…

Tagi Vale. Ata So'o.

I found some fun articles by an Aussie writer, Justin Nelson who is in Samoa for SPG working as a commentator. He gets a little teary eyed when he writes about his experience in the games

The Emotional side of sport

... and he makes some interesting observations like how incessantly funny everything is to Samoans. I can say we either didn't get the joke and laugh anyway and we just find other people's misery hilarious, but here's the palagi take:

Laugh a little, it's only a game

I enjoyed these.

Poetry Slam

It's one thing to know a few kooky people here and there but to be in a room full of them can be pretty... intense. I just got home from a poetry slam after a friend of mine (who's pretty intense herself) asked me to come along. I have my own appreciation for writing so I found it to be pretty interesting. Some of it was a little bit too far outside my square but there were one or two that felt like it was torn right out of the pages of my life, written in my blood. *Whoah deep* lol. Funny how absolute strangers can articulate exactly some experience or thought you felt so unique and alone feeling or thinking. I guess in the big scheme of things, we're all more alike then we are different. Reminds me of a phrase I read this week for one of my classes (don't be impressed I read for class it's only the 3 weeks into school), anyways, the quote was: "Always remember, you are unique, just like everyone else."

So, while some of the poets/ performers tonight we…


So I've changed things around a bit in here, new colours, new names, purely because... I felt like it.

Schools started. I can't say I'm particularly thrilled about that, considering it's preventing me from being home for SPG, buuuut, despite a rocky and mildly hateful start to the semester, two weeks in, things are going pretty well. As in, my classes actually interest me, and my professors don't put me to sleep within the first ten minutes of class. It's more like half an hour now, but it's an improvement. And my schedule is ridiculously open. I have a class on Tuesday night and one on Wednesday afternoon which leaves me with a 6 day weekend which starts on Wednesday night and finishes on Tuesday afternoon. Sounds pretty good right. Well, two weeks in I've decided I can only sleep so much, and I really can't afford for my braincells to lay dormant for 85% of the week so, I'm looking for that yucky little thing called a job.

The revamp extends to …