Pic Picks

I want one

Apple iPhone.

I've been drinking


I like 'em

Trapeze Dresses.

I miss them

Siblings :(

Pics 096

I recently bought

Blue Suede Shoes.

Blue Suede Shoes

I'm listening to



supasta said…
hey mama

how are you?
long time?
ua pisi le mea or still pulling a sicky?

i want one iphone too
gotta wait til the price goes down tho..lol

hope youre well
missin u
Fotu said…
Ay gurlie :)

Yea, I've been laying low lately. Feeling much better now and just been a good lil school girl mostly. lol.

Abby's visiting from Hilo this weekend so I'll probably grace Honolulu night life with my presence.. finally. LOL. Will holla atcha with a plan if something goes down :)

You in your new place yet?

Talk soon