Airport blogging again.

Ok, so I almost missed my flight this morning. I thought (and told everyone) that my flight was leaving on Saturday night, only to check my e-ticket printout at 9am this morning, to realise that I was leaving at 11am. In an hour, I had thrown whatever I recognised as mine into my suitcases, no doubt I've left half my shit, said goodbye to my still sleeping hungover family, battled my untidy hair in the mad dash to the airport and was posted up at the empty departure desk, surely as the last to check in. I hope I remembered to brush my teeth. So I check in, grab a bottle of 42 Below (Faakaga le galo o le panty ae sa le galo le 42. Eio. Pugi) and rush over to the gate as they're calling Final Call for my flight. I'm finally seated at the gate, rummaging for my boarding pass and taking a minute to breathe and curse myself being SO like myself and forgetting half my crap - like those cute pink heart earrings I just bought in Wellington. Dammit. As I go through the mental list of "shit I forgot" a voice sounds over the intercom announcing that my flight is delayed for an hour and a half. All I could think was - Se keste ia se!

So, here I am, at the airport thinking that I might as well write about my frustration since I'm too tired to walk over to the airport bar. Just yet.

Well, long time no update. It's been a busy last 6 weeks. Went home, worked, partied, caught up, went to church, partied some more and tired myself to the point where I can't remember exactly how to write my name, let alone a - what's it called? Thesis? *Sigh* Anyways, it was great to be home. It kinda made me realise that I should really savour the time I have away. (lol) A lot has changed but at the same time, it's all the same shit... what's that saying - The more things change, the more they stay the same. Something like that, that's about as deep as I can go at this hour of the morning (11.30am. lol) The streets of Apia are looking rather swanky these days too. SPG venues and new buildings going up, it's pretty neat. The place really is buzzing with excitement with new bars, restaurants and accomodation going up. It's got people reassessing their weight and wardrobes and placing bets on whether sports venues will be done on time. I'll miss out, because of school, which sucks but I've assessed the risk and even though a police record and owing a bunch of ben franks to the US govt might just be worth all the parties, eye candy, oh and sports to be enjoyed during SPG, I'm not sure I could survive too long on jail food.

Old friends. Love them. The best friendships are the ones where you can be away, out of touch, on the other side of the world for however long but come back and still eat their food and they're not surprised. You can still go out with them with no money, get them to pick you up even though it's way out of their way, you can get them to use their connections to expedite a process or get something for cheap. You can tell them something in confidence and know that they'll tell the rest of your friends too. I miss you guys. lol.

Arrived early week and went to Wellington with Le' Diva. Stayed at the Holiday Inn (Thank you Mommy and NZ High Court) Was freeeeezing as hell, but had a blast. Visited old flats, rode the cable car to varsity and retraced footsteps around Cuba Mall, Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place. Bought a bunch of shoes :) Caught up with old friends, went bravely down Lambton in a strapless dress (laga ou ke mafaia, ea?) and then stopped a Stagecoach bus who had pity on the brown kids freezing on the sidewalk with their paper cups. Handled some late night takeaway after I realised that the four bars I sang of The Carpenters Top of the World, was four bars too many. Dragged my suitcase all around Wgtn city, fell asleep in Reading cinema, had a drink at new 80s bar on Courtenay before sleeping on the flight back to Auckland, despite Henry's snoring. (Hoyre!)

Last night was my sister's 21st. Small do. But by no means a shaggy do. (err. ia ua lelei shaggy dog. lol) Just family and close friends enjoyed drinks, food and the shrill sound of our table's rendition of "Mo'omo'ogae o lo'u agaga..." Like, who does that? I was granted the name Sunshine aka Funshine aka Fatshine due to the fact that I was the only one at the entire party wearing anything a shade lighter than dark grey. I thought to brighten things up with my yellow and red number - because you know how it was my birthday? hahaha. Happy birthday baby girl!

So I've had lots of fun, knocked out last night, woke up this morning and checked my ticket.

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