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Real Women - Real Beauty

Real Women - Real Beauty in the eyes of a Tongan Teenager

29/05/2007 2:00:00 p.m.

Moana ‘Ulu’ave is the first Tongan to be selected as a winner of Oprah Winfrey’s National High School Essay Contest and is also a recipient of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship in the United States.

Her essay, Real Women – Real Beauty, attracted the attentions of many and won her a place at the Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, double majoring in English and Sociology.

Last week, Moana ‘Ulu’ave left the United States, the country in which she was raised, to return to Tonga, the country where her grand parents were born and raised. Returning to Tonga has provided Moana with many great opportunities.

“I am particularly happy to be able to visit the Island where my grandparents were raised and lived. Originally my grandparents are from Niuafo’ou. They told me that they were among those who were evacuated when a major eruption in Niuafo’ou took place in 1946. They said they settled in ‘Eua but or…

Airport blogging again.

Ok, so I almost missed my flight this morning. I thought (and told everyone) that my flight was leaving on Saturday night, only to check my e-ticket printout at 9am this morning, to realise that I was leaving at 11am. In an hour, I had thrown whatever I recognised as mine into my suitcases, no doubt I've left half my shit, said goodbye to my still sleeping hungover family, battled my untidy hair in the mad dash to the airport and was posted up at the empty departure desk, surely as the last to check in. I hope I remembered to brush my teeth. So I check in, grab a bottle of 42 Below (Faakaga le galo o le panty ae sa le galo le 42. Eio. Pugi) and rush over to the gate as they're calling Final Call for my flight. I'm finally seated at the gate, rummaging for my boarding pass and taking a minute to breathe and curse myself being SO like myself and forgetting half my crap - like those cute pink heart earrings I just bought in Wellington. Dammit. As I go through the mental list…


A moment in time when you finally break through the thick glass of your own stubborness and realise that the whole time you held on believing in "something" was a pretty long fucking waste of time and you friends were right all along.


Next time. Don't be such an idealistic ditz.

Leaps of faith are only good when they're for something that's faithful back to you.