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NZ29 bound for AKL

I'm about an hour away from landing in Auckland Airport, the flight has been long but sleep and excitement about the pending family reunion has me feeling good this morning. There's something about being suspended thousands of meters in amongst the clouds that leaves you with little to do but think. So, I'm about half way through probably the busiest three months of my life so far and definitely one of the most exciting, exhausting and exhilarating (E, ua lava.)

New York.

New York City is big, loud, ugly, fast and undoubtedly one of the most lively places on the planet. The place is constantly on the grind, with bustling traffic, boastfully tall skyscrapers and crooowds of people from all over co-existing in this dense, sweaty concrete jungle. Very different from the manicured, pressed suit finesse of DC, NYC is much more brazen and embracing with an amazingly colourful population. Let there be no illusion, the place is not paradise, it's congested and di…