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Leaving DC

Today I spent the day packing. Reflecting on the past weeks as I folded up the wrinkled remnants of my life as an intern in DC. Well it's been fun. Such an exciting combination of people, places, projects, nights out, meals, monuments, conversations, accents, architecture. I could rattle on and on. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

I need to get me one of those corny I love DC shirts.

On love

Someone close to me recently asked me for advice on love. She's not the first. I just find it hilarious that I'm sought out for advice on such matters considering what a sorry excuse of a love life I have for myself. I, of course, not being one to hoarde my infinite wisdom simply do my best and rely on my clearly single status to act as a clear and present disclaimer should any advice I offer backfire. Anyways, I had a thought today though, that I just felt like documenting. It's simply that the reason you have to keep optimistic about love and l…

Not to sound like a groupie...

but I touched Wyclef Jean.

Seriously, my hand touched his thigh. And before anyone gets carried away with that train of thought let me just explain. Yesterday, I went to a Wyclef/ Shaggy/ Jimmy Cliff concert at Kennedy Center here in DC. The sweltering heat did little to keep the throngs of people that came to see the free concert put on as part of an annual Caribbean Festival. Caribbean leaders were there and Condolezza Rice caused a bit of a distraction from the main event with her presence. Skipping the deets about the thousand people crowds, the humidity and the mile long beverage queues, I'll say that the music was well worth every uncomfortable minute trying to get in. Jimmy Cliff sang "I can see clearly now" and "Many rivers to cross" and it felt surreal to watch him perform something I was used to listening to on 2AP. Then Shaggy worked the crowds and I swear I danced for all of Samoa when he sang "It wasn't me" that was number 1 on FM98.1 …

Drag Queens, dudes and dirty laundry in DC.

Pride Parade, the culmination of the DC gay and lesbian community's Pride week, was this past Saturday. The gay community and their supporters filled the streets and the tutus, leather and flavoured condoms were out in full force. Not that I'm one whose had a lack of exposure to gay friends (I mean, finkaboudid!) but I don't think I've seen that much male skin since, well, since ever. The society here is amazingly tolerant with politicians and businesses proudly bearing the rainbow flag and massive crowds of people thickly lined the streets and cheered as the procession moved. The look of sheer amazement and shock on the face of two visiting Koreans that had obviously just followed the crowd was priceless (because apparently in Korea - people don't have sex at all, let alone with people of the same gender). Nevertheless I'm sure they found the experience "eye opening", and really, if you haven't seen men wearing construction helmets and not much e…

Intern Alley

So it's been two weeks since that first petrifying day at work. I still recall how I mortified I was that my habit of doing something absurdly stupid in public might befall me when I was trying to create the illusion of myself as a confident, smart, go-getting young grad student. To avoid giving a blow a blow, because really, it wasn't that exciting, I'll just say that I managed to get through the day without tripping, drooling, stuttering or say anything inappropriate to anyone important, so in that respect, the day can be called a success.

I'm stationed in a little spot in the office referred to here as "Intern Alley". Not a bad analogy really. It's a little nook in the building with a row of desks with computers, phones and cabinets for the newest eager beavers in the precinct. The desks are strewn with clunky computers and half used notepads and stationary bearing the nervous scribblings of prior residents. It's by no means "an office with a v…