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Four days in Dupont.

So finally after jumping ahead six hours, changing time zones twice and spending too many hours in an uncomfortable seat in the sky we arrived safely and we're now four days deep into our trip here. Have spent the time getting adjusted to the weather (feels like a cool Auckland Summer) and having a look around. It doesn't take me long to realise that I really like this place, at least the bits I've seen so far, which is the pretty bits. Lines of quaint little row houses with abundant splashes of green along the gridline streets. Bustling coffee shoppes, boutiques and book stores fill the pockets of space in between the grandiose brick and stone buildings that populates much of the city. DC really is a city of suits and power pumps as people stride down the street with an air of purpose about them. It's all quite classy. You really can't help but notice that people are impeccably dressed, even casually dressed folk have a pressed, clean cut, modern look about th…

Farewell Malietoa

I'm sure Samoans all over the world share in the sad and deep sense of loss at the passing of His Highness, our beloved Malietoa Tanumafili II. I sit here writing this and watching the webcast of his funeral with a sad and heavy heart. This might be dramatic of me, but I feel like I've lost someone close and dear to me. I feel not just a sense of loss of a leader but a personal sense of loss. He was that kind of man, I guess. The feats he accomplished paved the way for our nation to be the proud and independent people that we are. Yet his humility, compassion and gentle manner assumed no such status. No other can replace the father figure and beloved leader that he was and forever shall be to us.

May you rest in peace in your rightful place in heaven Malietoa, you shall be sorely missed and forever remembered and loved.

Talofa from Denver, Colorado.

Well, I've finally touched down in the "real" US of hAy having flown into Denver this morning. I've got about an hour to kill until my connecting flight to Reagan, Washington DC and thought I might as well document what's going on, for those of you that care to know.

Leading up to this, I've been "running around like a headless chicken" as a friend so aptly put it. Busy with final assignments, battling a particularly disgusting thread of the flu, a bad prescription and of course draaama. And really, what's life without drama? (Ia, ua lelei 90210!) Anyways, so as part of my stint here in Havaiinei, I get to do a Summer internship in Washington DC, all part of Daddy Bush's plans to give the friendly natives a taste of life in the fast lane. Small kine patronising, but I'm not above a free trip so Thanx Daddy! SO, weeks ago, I bullshitupdated my resume in my hunt to find me a spot on the Hill and the Corporate Diva Gods must be looking out …

I'm sad.

Samoan head of state was a force for stability

NZ Herald Story
5:00AM Monday May 14, 2007
By Angela Gregory

Malietoa was loved as the father of the Samoan nation.

Samoa's long-serving head of state, Malietoa Tanumafili II, who died on Friday, preserved his country's stability when other newly independent Pacific nations succumbed to violence and unrest.

Tino Pereira, a Samoan community leader in New Zealand, said the death of Malietoa would be keenly felt here and in Samoa.

Malietoa died aged 94 at the Tupua Tamasese National Hospital in Apia, where he had been for about a week.

Mr Pereira said Malietoa had presided over the first independent Polynesian state which had been free of the violence and instability that affected many of its Pacific neighbours.

"He provided calm and strength. He showed great compassion and was loved by Samoans as the father of the nation."

Mr Pereira described Malietoa's constitutional role as similar to that of New Zealand's governor-genera…