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I sat at the same table as two professors enjoying breakfast on campus this morning.

Prof 1 - A middle aged Caucasian lady who wore a dowdy suit and had her hair pulled in a taut bun. She spoke with a stiff upper lip in a distinctly snooty tone of voice and played with her rice, dare not eat the stuff. We'll call her Mary.

Prof 2 - A rather bright pink (from overexposure to sun) Caucasian man who was almost spherical in shape. He wore thick glasses and a colourful aloha shirt, and had all the charisma of a shy turtle. We'll call him Derek.

I assume they're professors because Universities have a knack for harbouring these freaks of nature. Plus they had that "I'd rather research than have fun" look about them that so many professors have.

Derek: So... Mary, what are you doing first week of May?

Mary: I don't know.

Derek: Do you like reggae?

Mary: Reggae? Is that that strange music?

Derek: *Shifting in seat a little.* Yes.

Mary: No, I don't. It's all the …

Sometimes we need reminding.

Life Keeps Turning

Through the sunshine and rain, the joy and pain,
down life's old lonesome road, many tales are told.
ones that touch the heart, ones about worlds apart,
still the hardest lessons learned are ones about getting burned.
Learning to re-trust, and relearning love and lust,
its the hardening of the heart, that makes most people part
in friendship or in love, its all written up above,
take it as it comes, everyday and everyone.
now and then you'll see, just how great that life can be,
its in a baby's smile, and going that extra mile
its in a special touch, from someone you love so much
its the frightening of heights, and seeing Christmas lights
its a bouncing beach ball, and a beautiful waterfall,
its the feel of April rain, the smell of flowers remain.
its the devil tempting all, and God preventing the fall,
no matter what we do, one thing is surely true....
...The continued lessons learning, are about how....
..."Life keeps turning".

I don't know the author, but …

Shit I need to do

Research, write paper for COM691 "Online Communication"
Lit Review
- Something about the "user experience" in online education.
- Define online education
- Online education in Developing countries
- Online education in the Pacific
- Design focus group/ questionnaire

COM680 Capstone
- Online education: User experiences in the Pacific
- Use 691 Lit Review/ Analysis
- Policy implications

COM680 Wikis
- Pull in information from Sources.
- Compile by Apr 23 deadline

DC Internship
- Read up on FCC
- Read up on US Telecom History
- Functions of Office of Strategic Planning and Policy

Pray every day

To be supportive is to be supported.




On Men.

It's amazing what a disappointment they turn out to be, yea? Like pouring salt in your coffee instead of sugar. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Well, they never cease to amaze me, and unfortunately, I don't mean in that in a mind blowing shouting out to Jesus kind of way either. Irony is, I'm pretty cynical as it is, never really setting the bar all that high to start with because it was pretty clear in my mind anyway that men are the inferior of the genders and you know, we should expect as much triumph with them as we would expect from say, a blind deaf mute in an obstacle race. So my going assumption is that most men are about as capable of being stimulating company and have as much heart, as say, a rock. A dull black one, amidst a million other dull black rocks just like it. Yet still, with next to no expectations, they still manage to hand me nothing or negative. Seriously, even the rocks that you thought had a bit of a shine to them that might be worth looking tw…

Worth the dig.

I don't know why Google didn't turn up with the IRB site when I was looking for results but, oh well. It shall forever remain one of the life's unsolved mysteries!

But THIS INTERVIEW was absolutely worth digging for. [It's an audio link]

"A win is a win!"

Se Malo Coach!

Bless our Team.

This shit makes me sick!


Manu Samoa Wins 2007 Hong Kong Sevens.

Jesus fricken Christ! WE WON!!!

Our first win ever since '93, of the biggest of the Sevens trophies. This year has been a decent year winning Wgtn Sevens and making the finals in San Francisco. A welcome change after some inconsistent performances from our team to date so yea, it's kind of a big deal. Like, as big as say, the Empire State Building, or like, the second coming of Christ! (God, I just say "like" twice in the same sentence? OMG Briiiiitney. Stop this Shit.)

I can say with a comfortable amount of certainty, that except for maybe New Year's Eve or Marist Sevens weekend, there is no greater moment to celebrate in Samoa than right now. Ok, it's official. I wanna go home now. lol.


Not only that. I can't even witness the win for myself. Of course, there is NO RUGBY COVERAGE out here. FUCK! You'd think we were in effing Timbuktu. What kind of country is this, to not even know about this. To not…