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Blatant Ego Stroke


What's up with that?

What's up with men who can't front up to their girlfriends who they've cheated on, and then tell their girlfriend that you're their best friend, expecting you to just be buddy buddy friend with them?

What's up with your friend's boyfriends that make like you're their friend too, gain your trust and then invade your personal space by hitting on you, expecting you to just be down with "that sort of thing"?

What's up with guys who are the type of guy you know you shouldn't spend time with, but they stick around, say all the right things, push all the right buttons to actually make you want them around, and then they just disappear off the face of your world?

What's up with men, who want to do nothing but talk about their ex, to the point of not being able to drive down the street without pointing out what kind of car she drove, her view on the seatbelt law, and how she was terrible at parallel parking?

What's up with guys who shower you w…

Samoan Flags throughout History

Saw this really interesting web page that showed all the Samoan flags throughout history for the last couple of centuries. I thought it was worth sharing and putting down in my own records.

O Fu'a Samoa

2 Oct 1873 - Jan 1887, 1889 - 1 Mar 1900

Malietoa Line Flag
(Looks suspiciously Tongan don't you think?)
Adopted as National Flag 21 Jan 1879

2 Oct 1873 - Jan 1887, 1889 - 1 Mar 1900
Tui A'ana Line Flag

Jan 1887 - 1889

Tupua Tamasese Flag
(This one and the previous one remind me of nazi swastikas. lol)

1 Mar 1900 - 29 Aug 1914

German flag - during German colonial rule


Proposed German Colonial flag

29 Aug 1914 - 30 Jul 1922

New Zealand flag - while a British colony after Germany lost WW1

30 Jul 1922 - 1 Jan 1962

New Zealand administration
(It's gotta be coconuts right - all that copra , I suppose)

26 May 1948 - 24 Feb 1949

Samoan flag

Adopted 24 Feb 1949

Samoan flag
(I'm trying to determine the difference between this one and the previous one. Is it just a shade darker? Oh, and th…

Childbirth Trauma

Last week, I witnessed the miracle of childbirth and let me just sum up the experience by saying that I officially never want to have children. Ha! Or at least, it would take one hell of a bank accountman, or a pending life of loneliness (haha) to change my mind as I now have no illusions about how painful the process can be trying to push a fat little Samoan baby out of your loins, leaving you with (to quote Marian) "...two extra stone, and canal ten times its normal size." I think I like my friend Ree's suggestion that we may have to make like Brangelina and adopt some Ethiopian babies.

I'll spare the gory details (mostly so I don't pass out before I finish this) other than to say there was blood, tears, screaming, cursing and praying all at once. Enough to quell the excitement of the miracle of new life, I'll tell you that. My older Samoan aunties were in the delivery with us offering their infinite wisdom to the pushing mother. One of them…

It's ok to be lazy

Truly, it is.

It's a little after 11am and I'm still in bed (disgusting I know), still trying to settle the all important dilemma of whether I should get up at all or just go back to sleep and worry about it tomorrow morning. I've been up for a couple of hours already, considering what might happen on this day in my life. Early morning run, some reading, some writing, some project brainstorming, some prayer. All these crossed my mind in my attempt to make a productive morning out of my usual lethargic purge. After some admirable considerations I settled on a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal (without the charms, I no like aka le masagi) and some Skype chat with friends around the Pacific who are at work but not working. Good job.

I guess today, aside from being an absolute lazy piece of lard, I'm thinking about how today might have turned out different if I wasn't here doing what I'm doing now. I guess I'd be on the other end of the Skype pipe. At work but hardly …

Writers Block.

Writers Block. Weird how it happens to me when I'm supposed to be at my writing prime in amidst all the essay writing I'm supposed to be doing. Put me in a job, where I actually have other things to do and I can ramble for hours. Here I have all the time in the world to express my thoughts about whatever tickles my fancy and I can't string two sentences together. Ooh, irony. Well, Whatever.

To know what's been going on in my life (because you're all dying to know) - see my pictures - it's all documented there in painstaking detail. Just to rehash, just coz. Let's see, my birthday has been and gone, I went parasailing, mountain biking, joined a gym, lost ten pounds, gained most of it back through vailima and apple martini consumption, went to church every Sunday, attended not one but two baby showers and my bank balance for the last three weeks has been about $2.08. Oh yes, and I've been studying. Kinda Sorta. Welcome to my life.

What else. I still ch…