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I think I've got it.

Examining stakeholder perspectives and attitudes towards liberalisation of telecommunications in the Pacific.

There. My Thesis Topic.

I put a lot of time into finding the perfect topic, you know the one that gets me excited enough to actually read about it... EVEN WHEN I DON'T HAVE TO!

I knew it had to be 1) Relevant to Samoan/ Pacific people 2) Technology or Telecommunications focused 3) Would have practical implications for development (because you know, what's the point otherwise?)

Other topics I considered include:

1. Continuing with previous research I've done looking IT Assessment in Small Businesses in Samoa/ South Pacific
2. Mobile phone use amongst Youth in Samoa/ Pacific
3. Creating trust in online education in Samoa/ Pacific

I'll tell you all about what I mean by that fat old title up there, just as soon as I figure that out for myself.



Bob Fest Oahu 2007

Decided at the very last minute to go with friends to the annual Bob Marley Festival held at Hawaiian Water Park in Kapolei. With 4 Stages bumping with Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop, legions of Bob fans donned in their reggae threads and dreads, plenty of well placed beer gardens and bars and of course a permanent shroud of smoke wafting through the air, fair to say, the event was quite a sensory delight.

As you can see, the whole night is a bit of a blurrr. But I can say for sure, that now I can cross off seeing Lauryn Hill live in concert off my list of things to do before I die now.

Lauryn Hill singing Ex-Factor

The full set of blurry Bob Fest/ Lauryn Pics here.

I see myself turning out like this.