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My PTC notes.

So I finally decided to dig up my little notepad and examine my scribblings from the presentations I attended at PTC'07. A lot of the presentations were carrier/ technology/ business focussed so there was few content that were directly relevant to ICT for development and even less so looking at ICT for development in our beloved Pacific. Nevertheless, I wrote notes based on a carrier/ business perspective, figuring that these are the sorts of issues that would be important for our Telecommunications (landline, mobile, ISP, broadband) providers for their success in the not too distant future.

The growing importance of IP, a lot of the "hype" was about everything moving from the traditional voice (in fixed landlines and mobiles) towards online. VOIP technologies such as Skype and Vonage are providing the same services as carriers (like SamoaTel and AT&T) at a fraction of the costs. How do carriers counter this? Do they embrace it? Or do they fight/ lobby for regulatio…

Why I like bad boys.

So here's some shit you don't really need to know about me but you know, you'll read anyway. Ha!

If there is a guy within a five mile radius, who is, in a word, BAD, in two words, no good, in several words, a pretty bad choice (you know the type, not very nice, angry, talks some shit but has no goals), then almost guaranteed, I think he's sexy as hell.

If there is a guy who is all up in my face, smart, decent looking and God Forbid, has a decent job, I'll write him off as too boring, too nice, too eager, and generally not "my type".

So, seriously, being single at 23 is great but of course, society may dictate otherwise, especially with all my married friends. Haha. God, I sound desperate already. Which - Fuck Y'all I'm Not! But I guess this post is a reflection, on why I'm attracted to men who are, in a nutshell, "unavailable" whether it's emotionally, at a safe distance (in another country), or they're attached to other people…


I'm currently in the middle of attending my first conference (and not as the help). Pacific Telecommunications Conference is an annually held conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in which professionals from the industry showcase new technologies, discuss burning issues about what's happening in the industry and of course, most primarily, network. It's been a good experience so far, being the youngest person in many of the gatherings, by a long shot, has meant it's a little intimidating, not that you could tell from my faux royal posture in my brown tweed power suit, but you can imagine, put a young brown woman in the middle of hundreds of middle aged white men talking about "progress" and each of whom is promising "the next big thing" ain't an easy place to be. I mean, there's only so much you can "chat" to a fifty year old man about. Thank God for the cocktails. And the five other brown people attending.

To be fair and honest (but onl…

I’m not ready to face the world

But here it is anyway, my gung ho effort to just face it anyway, to nip life in the bud, to strike while the iron is hot, or some other inappropriate proverb. Not fun when the only thing that is hot is the uncomfortably humid Honolulu air (coz you know how I grew up in cold weather in the Swiss Alps? Of Savaii? Aincho. Pugi.)

Yes, I’m back in Honolulu, after a good time in New Zealand with the family. Just what I needed, to cook, and clean while I watched uncles and aunties enjoy the passing festive season from the stove where I slaved. lol. Not really, I'm still not sure, and my parents sure as hell don't know why, but I seemed happy cook every meal, even managing to bake a few goodies whose half eaten contents are probably still piled up in the corner of fridge. And no, nobody's been food poisoned. Well not yet.

New Years was spent with friends from Wellington that road tripped up to Auckland. They threw a party at a friends house and guess what the theme was? Hula. R…