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Several things

I've been intending to update this for a while and have just been finding the adjustment of not being able to sleep in and actually being required to read and write, rather overwhelming, hence the delay.

Firstly, Tonga.
I'm not as informed as I'd like to be except to know that there are riots, people are dying and our Pacific brothers and sisters are in a state of political, economic and social turmoil. I am saddened by the loss of life and I am worried at the apparent climate of fear that eminates from such events. An uprising against the monarch? Maybe, certainly possible. Tradition and Progress, it's hard to tell whether the two are mutually exclusive in this case. The monarch, a source of national pride or a source of wealth to a select few? A King. A father figure or a hoarder of national wealth parading under the emblem of "tradition". Probably a combination. I don't presume to know just what is going on and who is responsible, nor am I in any…

I'm just bitter.

I am : in class at the moment. I presented earlier in the class and therefore I have shamefully zoned out. Yes, the guilt and shame keeps me up at night.

I have : misplaced my camera and my favourite lip gloss. I know, I know, it's horrible. Living without these things is a day by day struggle. God help us all.

I got : stinking drunk last night. A late lunch ended up being a belated Oktoberfest. Highlight of the night - Helping myself to some girl's bowl of peanuts thinking they were bar peanuts. What? I had the munchies and it's not like she had her name on them.

I take : no responsibility for my dramatic "But I just don't wanna go to school" tanty I threw earlier today. It was my inner hungover lazy University student in me. No relation to, but bears a striking resemblance to the outer hungover lazy University student that is me.

I think : the whole Izzy cutting Denny's heart pump wires thing was like, recklessly romantic and passionate and all, but …

Just an update.

This is a ranty update post, one to break the dry spell and to make sure I have an account of what went on this period in my life (you know, for the grandkids), but mostly so I can spend yet some more quality time away from the growing pile of assignments I can barely see over.

So school has finally picked up. I sound half happy about that because I have pretty much been toasting my already crisp ass for the last three months and it is good to actually have a reason not to go to the beach because quite seriously, I am this close to melanoma. I have an amazingly high number of pages to write in the next couple of weeks and it will be hell and I will complain and moan about every minute of it, but finally, I feel like I'm a student again.

I've been taking a lot of photos, mostly of sunsets and the beach, like I was some kind of National Geographic tree hugger or something which is kind of ironic considering the amount of leather shoe lining occupying my closet space. But oh well, …

Halloween Madness in Waikiki.

I was a little disappointed at the lack of Halloween spirit I saw through out the day yesterday, after all Halloween is a big deal here, apparently? The word on the street was that Waikiki is where it's at on Halloween night. So just my luck that I had two classes from 3pm to 9pm and I had to present in BOTH classes so I couldn't even ditch class. Ugh. So the day passed with only the odd witch or wizard walking through campus and Halloween only really started when I sat down at my second class at 6pm.

The girl seated next to me was dressed as a pirate and she saw me and immediately plonked a coffee cup of beer down next to me and said "Here girl. Drink up." I thought to myself. This is what I'm talking about. So she and I knock back a few (the whole office is drinking) and then we (get this) volunteered to go first with the presentations (never thought that day would come). She and Iblitz through them "Any questions Didn't think so Thank You!" My f…