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Whatever Justin!

... I dressed in an incredibly sexy man suit, brought sexy back last Halloween.

Or so I tried.

Which explains why I'm still incredibly sexy this year.

Happy Halloween Sexy Bitches!

Rosa Parks does Hawaii

An African American woman walks up to the counter at McDonalds and orders a Happy Meal (I know, I thought only I did that). She gets her order and is given the current Happy Meal toy which is a Barbie doll, as part of her meal. She sits down and eats her meal in the restaurant and upon finishing her meal she goes up to the counter and demands to get a black Barbie doll instead of the white doll she received fifteen minutes earlier.

“Excuse me, can I get a black doll instead of this white one”

“Sorry ma’am, the black doll for the happy meal is coming out next week, we don’t have any in stock right now”

“What? I want a black doll right now, or I want a refund!”

“I’m sorry, we don’t have the black dolls in stock yet, and we’ll have them next week”

“What? This is racist! I want a refund!”

So she continues to demand a refund and progressively gets louder accusing McDonalds of being racist. She eventually grew tired and left but I had to laugh when I heard this story from my cousin who was the …

You're all whores!

Some poster fun during class

Shaken and stirred.

So, as people have probably heard Hawaii was shaken awake by a series of earthquakes and tremors that measured up to 6.6 on the Richter Scale at 7.07am yesterday morning.

The temblor brought down hospital ceilings and hundred-year-old homes. It sent huge rocks and landslides into roadways and knocked out power to thousands.

This house is in Manoa just up the road from my dorm. More at CNN.

To say the least, it was a rude awakening. I mean, the sheer nerve of the thing to interupt my insomniac slumber. Well it did and boy did it shake. Especially from my box on the thirteenth floor. I woke in an instant and debated with myself as to whether I should get up and evacuate (thirteen flights of stairs) or just wait it out (can you see the headline? "Samoan decides to take her chances with Mother Nature and dies stony painful death") So after realising that I probably should get up, you know, for my life's sake, I stood up. I remembered on the back covers of those old blue B4 exe…

New Zealand? Isn’t that where Mayorees are from?

So my absence on here has been noted by oh, me and my friend Jim who told me just kindly to "Hurry up and update yo' shit". I wish I could say that I’ve been off swimming with dolphins and marching for Hawaii’s sovereignty but the disappointingly boring explanation is simply that I’ve been studying. So after the first five weeks of making like Tom and Cruise(ing) through a relatively breezy start to Graduate school, week six was a rather abrupt awakening as I was slammed with an assignment a day. Charming.

In my time here I can not help but find myself drawing parallels and pointing out the significant discrepancies between the US system of Education/ Society and my experience in the drinking hole that is New Zealand University/ Society.

Education - Let me just tiptoe around this issue and try and say this without discrediting everyone that ever graduated from a US Institution but my first impressions of it so far is that it is set up so that nobody fails.

Damning? Maybe. …

People Watching.

Because I needed to take a minute away from the continuous self inflicted pressure of doing last minute assignments and because no doubt you’re all dying to know what I did last Friday, I’ll share some photos and videos I took while errr, "studying" on the beach last week weekend. I'll call it the...

“People Watching Series”
[click on any of the images for a larger version]

Passersby from my mat.

Lying on the beach.

Waiting on waves.

People on the beach walk and sunscreen in a shoe.

Fa'asolo ou mafaufauga.

People walking in different directions.

Notice the guy behind me is posing for the pic... hehe.

Rotund belly under the shade.

She had a bounce in her step.

Beach Walking.

These videos:
1. Take a bit of a bandwidth. (I’m thinking of when it used to take yonks for videos to buffer on my PC at work in Samoa)
2. Were all taken of people in their natural state. Apparently people don't mind being filmed when they don't know it
3. Suggest that I’m some kind of surfer stalker –…