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Eva ia Zipso

It's the weeeeekeend!
Vaitaimi tonu lava e su'e ai sesi e te lua eva!

Though some of you might share in saying...

I'm fine with my wife, fai mai ai Zipso

And for those of us that aren't wives or privy to having one... Fika le pese ae aua le fika le pasese, fai mai ai lesi koeaiga Vaisala ga!

Manuia evaga o le weekend!

Random Excerpts from my Week.

Went out on Friday to a bar where I was getting plenty of male attention but only from the men at least a foot shorter than me. I don't know if there was some kind of hobbit convention happening in town but I had to check for the "Dwarfs do it for me" sign plastered on my forehead as every guy on the block under 5'5 asked me to dance. Hilarious, in that disturbing way. I woke up on Saturday morning with a splitting headache and a startling premonition that I won't be going to that place for a short while, like for say, as long as I live. As sorry an excuse as that place is for a bar, there is a seriously hot bouncer at Tsunami's.
Friends and I hit up some beaches on the North Shore, including Pipeline Beach where Kate Bosworth surfs to the cover of Surf Magazine in Blue Crush. I know, I'm letting my delightfully tacky and touristy streak show.

While swimming on Sunset beach with my friend Kel, we could have sworn there was a Miss Hawaiian Tropics pageant …

A rather eventful evening

Lazy day
Thursday night was a relatively hard night spent drinking pitchers of Bud in the only place in Hawaii that has as many beer specials as it has health and safety violations - Magoo's on University Avenue. So Friday day was a pretty lazy day, ok, lazier than usual. A lazy morning that started off at 11.30am, a lazy lunch of Egyptian BBQ which turned out to be less exotic than it's name promises. The afternoon, friends and I decided it would help our productivity to do some work off campus so come 3pm, we decide to hit the beach (of course). We're decked out in our bikinis and (XL) sarongs, we set up our mats, lilos on Waikiki Beach and lay back on the sand to engage in some "reading". Three hours later I had managed to do little more than capitalise the shade of brown of my complexion from brown to BROWN and also take some more pictures of sunsets and ocean. Oh, and get my books a little sandy.

After a rather fun but, let's be honest here…

The Week in Review

Breaking News: King of Tonga dies.

The King of Tonga at peace. The sun has set in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Full story

May He Rest In Peace.


Local News

My first assignment was due this week. My lecturer in one of my Telecom classes said to us "write an opinion piece on something.” *Blank look from me* before he added, “Oh, and hopefully has something to do with Telecommunications."

While most of my classmates jumped with glee at the opportunity to document their unbridled thoughts on whatever the burning hot issue is at the moment, I found the lack of instruction a bit of a challenge. I haven't done an assignment in so long, it took me a while to remember how to make it sound like I knew what I was talking about. After much fidgeting I finally managed to do a piece on overseas investment into Pacific mobile phone markets that I'm sure is way Not Specific Enough. Anyways, despite that, my friend Jim and I decided that submitting our first assignment was a…

Pizza, Fraulein Maria and a Classical Duet

I just returned from a pizza party. Or less commonly known as "Let's Get Even Fatter" party. The event was hosted by our Program Officer Gene and his lovely wife Jill at their beautiful home and was a "welcome" for the new USSP (South Pacific) and USET (East Timor) students.

An informal get together to hear about other USSP and USET students Washington DC internships and home country projects and just mingle and get to know each other.

After hearing about some impressive internships in regional organisations in the US and raving reviews for the Broadway musical version of "The Lion King" while (main feature) eating some pizza, we resorted to - get this - gathering around the piano to sing songs! Yes, seriously. I felt like I was in the Sound of Music and I would be adopting Fraulein Maria as my new mother in the next couple of scenes. Not that we don't sing in the islands. It's just been a long time since I've done it while I'm sober a…

Happy Labour Day

Today being Labour Day holiday - I thought it appropriate that I let today pass devoid of anything too labourous. You know, for the honour of the those that protested for the 8 hour day. Recognise. So, in order to avert the readings for just a little longer do this, I opted for a less energy expending task than absorbing several hundred pages of mostly academic themed horror stories, and had some fun with Flagrant Disregard's flickr toys.

I made these with largely my own pics and some I ripped borrowed off the the net:

The movie poster for my life.

I've always loved this quote.

Came across this quote too from The Quote Garden.

What I used to think at White Sunday.

The complete result of my wasted honour defending morning can be viewed here.

Wild Waikiki Weekend

After my little homesick spiel about a post or two back, I decided to be a dayvah! about it and build my bridge and drunkenly stagger over it already. So, I launched myself at the weekend with the same enthusiasm as Josh Hartnett did at Shannon Sossamon in 40 days and 40 nights. While we're on the topic - it's not that I'm not getting any, I'm just on a vow of abstinence. LOL. F*ck you too.

Friday afternoon. Friends and I went on a sunset cruise in Waikiki on a "catamaran" which they really should just call a plus sized canoe. The best thing about the cruise was that the $30 ticket price included what must be the four sweetest words in the English language. All You Can Drink. The "catamaran" was called something else that's probably not top ten in the sweet stakes but it's up there. Mai Tais. So off we sailed into the sunset on a slightly large dinghy called Mai Tais with all the Budweiser/ wine/ champers and of course Mai Tais you can drin…

Clicks for Crash.

I just watched the movie "Crash" and it is easily one of my favourite movies. I enjoyed it because I thought the acting was great, the story was powerful and honest and it evoked as many emotions as you could fit in a 2 hour period. Plus, it reaffirmed some truths about certain actors that I always suspected were true: Don Cheadle rocks, Brendan Fraser can not play a character, even one as serious as a District Attorney, without seeming dorky, and Matt Dillon is hot! Even as a bigot.