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Turning it over.

Kiaora koutou

After all the hectic "nervous breakdown" waiting of the last few weeks, I've finally left the country. I had a farewell fit for soldiers going to war from friends, workmates and family that jumped on the excuse for a great party! I, of course, being the polite girl that I am quite happily obliged and tirelessly attended all events. I'm sure I even overstayed my welcome once or twice. The plane ride over was lonely and the onflight music was scarily like Star FM which set the mood to a somewhat sombre note but at the end of the day I am relieved to have gotten the whole "leaving" business over with and now I can just get on with it.

New Zealand is not as brain numbingly cold as I've been warned it would be. Sure it's cold but One News and travellers reports had me convinced that I would lose a couple of fingers to frostbite if I didn't wear arctic worthy gloves right off the plane. You can imagine my surprise when we descended into a clear blue su…

Exsqueeze me.

To all my loyal blog readers (Hi Mom!) I hope you'll exsqueeze my constant spews of self indulgence on here you must all be getting tired of my little spiels too (I am but I've been too selfish to care) I realise that I am spending far too much time harping on about something as trivial in the world as... myself. But (and here's my excuse that doesn't cut it) at the moment change and actual "activity" has infiltrated my previously uneventful life so I currently lack the brainspace/ power to consider anything other than what is going on under my own nose right now. So hopefully you'll bear with me :)

I know, really.

Leaving Looms

So, it's leaving week. One week to go before I pack up and head out. Thanks to my unshakable last minute habit I have close to a million and one things to do. I'm also still working. My boss is out of the office on emergency special leave so I any hopes I had for having this week off to sort my shit out disappeared into the horizon on the Air NZ business class seat my boss left on. I shouldn't complain though, my boss's younger sister passed away last week after a long suffering battle with cancer. It's been a long time coming, but I doubt that does much to numb the pain the whole family must be feeling. So I'll count myself lucky that I'm at work and not attending my sister's funeral. And besides, the extra time in the office has given me time to try and disguise the mess I'm leaving behind for my poor unsuspecting replacement. *Evil laugh*

I'm flying out next Tuesday morning to New Zealand where I’ll be spending ten days. I'll be catching u…

Savaii, Earthquakes and Star Search

Well, I've just returned from yet another trip to the Big Island. I've been back three times in the last month and each time I've returned I've said it was my last trip before I leave and each time I've indulged on here in tiresome detail about how beautiful and relaxing it was, so this time I won't. I won't even mention that the crystal clear water was both cool and warm at the same time. And I won't say anything about how perfectly formed the sunsets were and how bright the full moon was. I'll also be careful not to mention how delicious the lobster was and how easily the Bacardi went down after a hard days sleep and swimming. Last but not least, I'll say nothing of the cigars I smoked... and enjoyed! For you members of the Lung Cancer Prevention Society that are worried that I'll suddenly start smoking like a chimney tomorrow I only enjoyed the part where I looked like a mafia boss smoking at the end of the day while counting my drug mone…

Ra Ra Fecking Ra...

Well, (continuing with the current trend) this is a mindless rant so if you're in the mood for intelligent, witty and god forbid, serious banter then you see that little x up in the corner, get off my page. Hehehe.

It's a particularly busy day at work today and my brain is tired and the general mood of things is Not Pleasant. The tired bit is partly attributable to the fact that I was out drinking til 3am. Only partly. Really. The Not Pleasant mood bit is mostly due to the fact that my brain has been on overdrive these last couple of days/ weeks.

I've got a particularly bad case of the "numbers make me crazy" disease that hits me whenever Time To Do Work comes around. Which has been at a frequency much higher than I'm comfortable with, which is at all. It's as if I'm being thrown every report my bosses can dream up just to spite me. Seriously, who cares about the different mobile and VOIP rates offered in Burkina Faso or say, the Turkish occupied region…