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Warning: Lame Post

Take heed of my warning up there. Lame. Lame because there is a million and one things going on in my life right now (I know, who knew I had one?) and it's sucking the creative juice out of me! Being busy is a pretty sorry excuse for not being even slightly interesting with my writing but at least I have the decency to admit my lameness, right? Maybe that just makes me more lame. I mean, what could be more of an admission of lameness then saying "I'm lame."? lol. There I go laughing at my own joke, how lame! Anyways, give me a break, I've got a lot going on right now, not that you can tell from my blog but you'll just have to take my (lame) word for it.

Just to give you a blow by blow encounter of my lame life at the moment here's what's been going on because... because... BECAUSE I CAN! Hehe.

1. I've been in leave negotiations with work. You don't know how nerve wrecing this can be. I've a sneaking suspicion that my great ruse is working an…

What's been on my mind?

Not that anyone is particularly interested but...

1. Blank. It's Monday. Yeah.

2. Leaving. I know I've been told not to post about leaving but approximately 90% of my thought processes are wrapped around this little fact while the other 10% is distributed roughly between drinking, working and trying not to think about leaving, so I hope you'll forgive me if I let this one slip. Exactly four weeks from the day, I'll be leaving.

3. Work. Need to train my replacement once we find the poor unsuspecting soul that is game enough to take up my incredibly challenging role in my absence.

4. A serious lack of inspiration to post. Seriously serious. I don't know if it's because I'm just busy and going through a particularly boring patch of life or if it's because the novelty of blogging has somewhat worn off and I'm just lazy. Probably fifty fifty.

5. Shoes. Read Cosmo last night and I was reminded just how long it's been since I brought a pair of totally unnec…

Some village history: Le Senetenari o le Ola Fou.

Every year on June 14, the villages of Vaisala and Auala have a Thanksgiving service. Last Wednesday (guess what the date was) was the Hundredth Thanksgiving service since it's inception (in guess how many years ago). I decided at the last minute to go considering I hadn't been to one since I was a kid. The Service had up until now always been known as Le Lotu Faafetai, but on it's Centennial it was christened Le Lotu o le Ola Fou or "Le Senetenari o le Ola Fou" translated as "The Centennial of New Life."

When we entered the village, last Tuesday afternoon the roadsides were adorned with flags marking the time of celebration. The entire village was choked with people from Upolu and from New Zealand, Australia, USA and American Samoa for the service. The celebrations lasted several days while nobody went to school or work but instead took part in the dancing and feasting. The service itself can be summed up in one word: LONG. It started at 9am and ended a…

Weekends and weapons of war.

Well, it's Monday morning (my favourite part of the week) and I am distracting myself from the simple fact that it is Monday morning and the working week is spread out before me like an endless red carpet that is going to be an absolute killer to walk down in the heels that I'm in which are just too glamourous not to wear and worth every second of pain endured in them. The heels of course being the job I drunkenly troop to every Monday morning in my need to fund my unquenchable thrist for over priced drinks with a slice of lemon, in my Monday morning effort at an analogy. *Taking a breath now after that marathon of a sentence*

The weekend just gone was of the pretty standard drunken dancing queen variety. The highlight of which is a toss up between 1) the animated catfight that erupted about 5 feet away from me at my favourite bar on Saturday night which gave us front row seats to see a glass being smashed into a girls face and plenty of unladylike name calling being exchanged.…

What can I say?

What can I say? To be Samoan is to be proud of who you are and where you come from. So even though I was Queen of slack that was too hungover to go witness the patriotic march and raising of our flag symbolic of the blood shed by our forefather’s so we could enjoy our unbridled god-ordained freedom, I can still say with beer breath and reverent pride that I’m a proud Samoan Queen of slack that was too hungover to go witness the patriotic march and raising of our flag symbolic of the blood shed by our forefather’s so we could enjoy our unbridled god-ordained freedom.

I was there in spirit.

My Savaii Trip.
What can I say? I'm back at the office after spending independence weekend in Savaii with four friends and a village full of family. Disappointed isn’t quite the word. Crestfallen. Miserable is more what I’m feeling now that I’m back behind a desk after visiting Savaii.

Savaii from the back of Fotu o Samoa.

Having spent so much of my life there, it’s surprising that I’m al…