Curse the Crusaders, Cherish the Cocomono.

Tough shit boys.

Friday night. Fog. Super 14 Final. Fog. Hurricanes lost. Did I say Fog already? As anyone worthy of being my friend will know - my beloved Hurricanes went down in a heart breaking final on Friday night against the Canterbury Crusaders. Well, it would have been heartbreaking if we could have actually seen the game. Casey Laulala scored the only try of the game and I don't think he even saw himself do it. See, even Leon MacDonald called it a weird game. The "actual" winner of the this season's Super 14 shall forever remain lost in the shroud of fog that never lifted off the field. Much to delight of all the supporters that had braved the cold to watch the smokescreen on the big screens from their paid seats at Jade Stadium. Pity. I, watched the smokescreen from the warmth and the vodka numbing comfort of Bora Bora (bar) which as someone aptly pointed out is the closest any of us here will ever get to Tahiti. Which was some consolation to not watching the game I'd dolled up in Black and Yellow to watch. I take "the foggy game" as a sure sign that the finals need never take place at Jade stadium ever again. Ever.

Tausisi i lau paaga e tasi.

Saturday night was the SamoaTel Fashion Awards, coordinated by the Samoa Aids Foundation. It was, to say the least, a glamourous affair. Well worth my free ticket to go. Local designers showcased their would be fashion lines while wannabe fashion critiques Sita and I nodded approvingly and uh-uhed while sipping free vodka and offering applause only when deserved from our second row seats. (To match the Tahiti line earlier in this blog, I should say) it's the closest to Milan we'll ever get, but we'll take it where we got it. I really enjoyed the fashion - Johan Solofa was very daring and up to the minute with his designs being very loud with colour and expressive shall we say with hem lines. Johan also put all those twelve year old bodied models to shame with his perfect practiced-in-Paris (Mulinuu) cat-walk. Athene Mauli had very "beautiful" clothes. Up to date fashion sense and well put together outfits really made her stuff stand out. My favourite category was probably the Faafafine category where everything MUST go. Feathers, faux fur, hot pink, platform shoes. It was all there. The winning outfit was a yellow and black glittering strapless gown by Deanna's Collection. Someone commented that she looked a jester but I just thought it was a good idea for a Hurricanes mascot.

Congratulations to the Young Designer of the Year Award Winner: Johan Solofa and the Overall Winner: Athene Mauli. I thought both awards were well deserved. There aren't flicks of the event to share unfortunately but a definite "moment" of the show was the showcasing of New Zealand Samoan Fashion Designer Lindah Lepou's (who was a judge at the event) fashion line. I ooohed and aahed at her beautiful collection. Classic pieces made with expensive looking fabrics that oozed class. Never mind that they were all paraded by size 8 models. Poor things must go hungry. (And yes, I am just jealous and will be practicing sucking my cheeks in the mirror from now on.)

Among the fashions on display was this gem of an outfit. Lindah's winning Cocomono outfit which was revealed at the WESTFIELD STYLE PASIFIKA SUPREME AWARDS 2005.

Perfect for a Sunday lunch with the pastor isn't it.


dasifi said…
darling but where will you put all the tips $$$ and apa pisupo's as a going away present from the faifeau. Dont tell me u have a bag to match say the cocomama
lol @ da hungry models ia at least u can suck in ur cheeks for me the best as I can do is pretend Im constantly blowing bubbles.
Have a fab day..tick tock tick tock.time is counting down fast..
Sorry don't mean to rub it in..

fotu of samoa said…
Hi sifi,

I guess you can't forget your accessorising kaga alaisa to take your plentiful departure gifts when going to the faifeaus place. hehe.

And as for blowing bubbles. Suga, o keige gei kiga lava ga le fomua i le la'a fa'amodel ae o lae e fai a! Hahaha. After seeing the models in the weekend I've decided to save the pigs in Samoa, eat less and Prif in! Hahaha...

AIRENA! Bring on the fasi pua'a. Har har.

Tai asi mai :)
Shark Girl said…
Stob YOUR brifin in. Haha. Fefe ia Johan ea poo ai ea. He's ridiculously tall and ridiculously thin. Lol. I was play netball wif his momma Julie. Johan was come and his mini MINI skirt and boob tube. He was make me feel like a muscular man next to him.
nannyboo said…
lol@shark gurl...haha, hell yeah man, imma so chealous of that Johan figuration,lol...the prettiest mala i ever seen:) and fotu, wen u practise suckin in ur cheeks in front of the mirror, just fink to yoself.."I am not alone!" the posts, wish i were there...mmwah
tel said…
hi, came across your blog while trying to find some pics or info on how the fashion show went. Sounded like fun, miss Samoa but oh well, there's always Xmas/NEw Years break.
Congrats on your scholarship!
and awesome blog btw - shall frequent some more when i have the time.
Until then, take care suga :)
fotu of samoa said…
Nyds and Nanny,

lol @ Johan making us look bad. All I had to say that night was Johan had it goin' on! Strut, clothes and all.

Now where's that leftover cake...

lol. At least we have each other a'ea?

Thanks for stopping by. I've been through your blog too :) Exciting that you're expecting!

Oh yea and I was in Elenah's class at RLSS! She's a crack up that girl! hehe.

Happy Days to one and all!
supasta said…
hiya darl...

been a while
lol @ u guys and Johan...
dang did he get so damn tall and so farken skinny..i was make a goed to the gym so i was look'ed like i was neva look'ed loyke him as i was eat'ed Chicken n Chips everday...
aarrrggghhh...dont like going to lunch wit skinny pple such as ur cuzzin...hehee...

cheers babe