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Curse the Crusaders, Cherish the Cocomono.

Tough shit boys.
Friday night. Fog. Super 14 Final. Fog. Hurricanes lost. Did I say Fog already? As anyone worthy of being my friend will know - my beloved Hurricanes went down in a heart breaking final on Friday night against the Canterbury Crusaders. Well, it would have been heartbreaking if we could have actually seen the game. Casey Laulala scored the only try of the game and I don't think he even saw himself do it. See, even Leon MacDonald called it a weird game. The "actual" winner of the this season's Super 14 shall forever remain lost in the shroud of fog that never lifted off the field. Much to delight of all the supporters that had braved the cold to watch the smokescreen on the big screens from their paid seats at Jade Stadium. Pity. I, watched the smokescreen from the warmth and the vodka numbing comfort of Bora Bora (bar) which as someone aptly pointed out is the closest any of us here will ever get to Tahiti. Which was some consolation to not watching th…

Televise in Samoa

Last week, a new free to air TV channel went to air in Samoa. TV3 is a locally owned err.. free to air TV Channel. Here's some more info on that. But not much more.

Living in town, I get decent reception of all Free to air TV station. I even get some of the not free to air stations. However, I'm always out getting boozed, or at work or out getting boozed instead of watching TV so truthfully another station has had little impact in the daily maintenance of my life. Except perhaps, much to the annoyance of my family, it has intensified my morbid impulsive channel surfing habit. Click. Watch this? Nah. Click. Click. Ads. Click.

I did notice however that they have brought over popular shows The OC, Everybody Loves Raymond and One Tree Hill. Even if they are two seasons behind. They've also launched a few new local shows as well including "Teen 90", which has already taken a beating in the papers from trigger happy defenders of the virginity and purity for the common go…

Making mountains out of molehills. Again.

On Saturday just gone, I decided against my better judgment (against the better judgment of every screaming cell in my sleepy alcohol/ fat/ carb saturated body) and went for a hike (yes you heard right) (and wait for it, it gets better) at six oclock IN THE MORNING! Yes, with all the sleep to be had on a weekend morning we decided to go for a hike up Mt. Vaea.

Mountain hikes are not something I usually associate with a day of “fun” but I was doing it for charity (no joke). For the tsunami victims that might have been, for the children who's father's lost the election and all other victims of tragic incidents. That and there was a club bbq and one of my best friend’s birthday breakfast were promised to follow. Few things will get me out of bed at 6am on a Saturday morning but saving the world AND a cheese and tomato omelette just might do it.

I wish someone had warned me that we’d be climbing up vertical slopes and dodging mountain lions and flesh eating maggots on the way up. I …

Making mountains out of molehills

Da Vinci Code Banned from Samoa.

What has made Samoa the laughing stock of (I'm sure) only THE WHOLE WORLD is the National Censor banning the Da Vince Code from being screened in Samoa. Not at the theatres, not even for sale or rental here. The reason stated is religious reasons. The decision was made following a recommendation from the National Council of Churches after the film was screened for them. The quote I heard on the radio is that it "will cause confusion in the lives of Christians" and screening the film "is not a mistake they (the National Council of Churches) can afford to make."

I'm trying to put myself in their shoes and see that if I lived and breathed the gospel (which truthfully, I don't) and if I studied, preached and shared the Bible for a living, I too would probably be offended by the mere suggestion that my saviour was not the pure being that the institution I am head of has upheld for centuries. Indeed the very notion of hosti…

Guess who's coming to town?

Nik Carlson.
The runner up of NZ Idol last year.

Now I didn't watch NZ Idol last year. Nor am I the biggest fan of Idol around. (My mom is.) But this guy's first single is a remake of a song I LOVE performed by The Darkness called "I believe in a thing called love." If you don't like that song then you might enjoy the spoof version called "I believe in a thing called gloves" I quite like Nik's version too, so I shall go see him perform. If I can get a free ticket. Heh.

Succumbing to my list fetish

Because I am bored at work (what's new) and because it's kind of my duty to keep this updated and one I take extremely seriously. Not serious to the point of jumping out of the third storey window beside my desk but pretty serious. Serious in that can't miss Grey's Anatomy seriousness which is on par with minor car accident with no casualties sort of way. You get my drift? Me neither. I think what I was trying to say is - my life lately has been so uneventful that I actually have time to (self importantly) document it. There, I said it. Plus I've a growing fondness for lists.

1. Mother's Day.
Anyways - so this past weekend was yet another long weekend. The national excuse this time was Mother's day - Pfft. What a load of bollocks. Mom's eh? What have they ever done for us? Before someone puts the Police on me (which isn't so scary) or (worse) tells my mother I just said that (who can spell fear better than the Oxford Dictionary) it was a joke. I love …

Yesterday's gone

Because I choose to leave the stitches of backstab wounds intact and because I would rather not have a peaceful state of mind infiltrated again by doubt and sadness and anger, all I will say about the phenomenally bad day I had yesterday is that shit's over now.

Today. Today I'm jamming to the tunes of Star FM, looking out at the pretty landscape basking in the sunshine. The traffic rushing purposefully past, hurriedly dodging pot holes which have been unearthed by yesterday's afternoon showers. The clouds peeking slyly over the mountains, like proud white wigs of Vaea and Fiamoe and their neighbour mountains. The puffy white wigs are bobbing ever so subtly to Michael Jackson's "Rock with you" on the radio at the moment. Looking out at the neighbouring secondary school students enjoying their morning break under the shade of Talie tree in the field. Huddled in a group, singing songs and clapping while two boys are dancing animatedly while the rest are laughing…

Speaking of movies...

I was just browsing the piece of shit FM Radio site to see if someone had grown a conscience and decided to wake up in the information age and update the thing. Alas, I was to be disppointed (not surprised) but it wasn't all to be lost. Look what's on the market!


You'd think the only movie theatre on island was an asset to keep? I guess not.

Possible reasons Magik Cinemas is now up for sale.

1) Too much under the counter tickets and free popcorn being passed out.
2) Not enough ticket sales (due to shit movie selections and outdated screenings)
3) They finally realised they'd spelt "magic" wrong and want no further reminder of their spelling shame.
4) They'd earned enough from the daylight robbery with their overpriced drinks and popcorn, which was always cold, to retire on and are moving to Ibiza!
5) They were spending too much money on all the security guards. Seriously - who needs ANZ, go keep your money at Magik Cinemas.

My boss and I.

It's a crazy day at work today. I don't know if it really is crazy busy or whether it's just the novelty of actually having to work at work. Ha! It's probably a bit of both. I blame the recent plentiful public holidays that have been on offer in the last couple of weeks for my lax attitude. Yesterday's Tsunami Warning Public Holiday though a bit of a shock at first, was not unwelcome. Today however, feels like a Monday (yucky) and my boss is in one of her moods so I'm treading on eggshells around her. I know better than to cross a pissed off Samoan mother when she's had a bad day. Especially one that's been around long enough to not only have herself convinced that she rules the roost, but to have many of the fellow roosters convinced of her roost ruling status too. Even if I was right, if I was ever stupid enough to disagree at the wrong time, I could kiss my paycheque goodbye.

We have a strange relationship my boss and I, which is really good one day a…

Sione's Wedding and Perceptions of Samoan Culture.

The original title of this post was "As if I haven't already outdone Sione's Wedding." but it developed into a full blown onslaught on perceptions on Samoan culture. Pieces of this post I've plucked from my memory of discussions (mostly drunken) with friends of mine (mostly very drunken) so this is a collection of thoughts that are not all mine. So it all started with Sione's Wedding.

Dr. Adele blasts Sione's Wedding.
I had this afterthought this morning as I browsed the paper on the way to work and saw a piece by Malia Sio about the Director of American Samoa's Community College, Dr. Adele Satele Galeai's blasting Sione's Wedding. She said that the film's rating of PG-13 should be changed to R. She was quoted as saying "Don't let your children see the movie, and don't go and see the movie yourself." She also called the content of the film "explicit" and "shocking." This is all coming from a woman who is…