A letter to Kod.

Dear Kod,

Re: Somefing bersonal.

You see Kod, I was have to tok it to you, about an imbordent fing dat was closest to moy heart. You see, I was bick it up this pad hapit you see. I was for the LOYFE of me can't stob tokin like I was a garacter in da Laffing Samoans. You know dose laffing Samoans wif dat fat guy Tofinga and dat oda guy who was finked he was so funny, but bersonally, when I was watched him I was finked to myself... Nawt Really! So dis hapit, it was like overgame me begoz you know like, i was a possessed like the Emily Rose. I was not know why I was can't stob id already. Begoz I know already that my workmates, they was think I was gone grayzee or sumfing, my family was finked that I was gone grayzee, dis madness was like reach that stayge, not the singing and dancing stage but dat stage like a point in toyme, yes bersonally, I was finked it was reach dat point in toyme, where even I was finked dat I was gone grayzee. So Kod, I was look it up to you at da sky and I ask it to you moyself. WHY? Why you make me so priddiful? Wait, no, dat was everyone else was ask God about me. Teehehe. Stob id! No, I was ask you this imbordent gweschun. 'God why you maken me tok lyk dis?' Begoz it was droyven me grayzee! And bersonally, I was finked to moyself - I was not a grayzee berson. No sir, yes sir Three bags fool. Fanks fo da otribunity.

Fank it to you.

Cone Grayzee.

b. ess - why you make me so priddiful?


t!@ said…
LMAO! Fotu, I was finked dat id was so funnee what you was wrrited i was laugh-ed atchu and was finked to moyself...you STOOBID fool!lol.

But I was know it wat you was meaning...I was been doing da zayme ting dis whole week az well...but i was not finked i was grayzee loyke you...no i was finked...no i was knowed dat i was NOD grayzee...

id was funny you men-shoned dat you was pray it to the Kod and was asked him 'Why you make me so priddiful?' coz i yeztaday i was do the same fing! So don' worry...you was not grayzee...we was chuss foyne!;) lol.

Ogay but zeriously I was gotta stob id too!har!
fotu of samoa said…
Stob id you Grayzee woman!

Even wif no token loyke dis. You is Grayzee!

t!@ said…
Ouch! I was hurted py dat gomment! I was don't loyke you! you was not moy fren no moa!:p
fotu of samoa said…
Yea, but you was still a grayzee woman.


supasta said…
*trying to pikcha fotu N tia talk like damn Tofiga*

hhhhhhmmmmmm.....uuuummmmmmm...ogay....no gomments
Shark Girl said…
LOL...I was loyke dis ladder to Kod. I was bray every noyte too but I was gant remember wot I say begoz I was fell asleeping before I was finish. I was only know I was got dis pad hapit from Fodu and Dia but I was remember dat ad sum boint in moy loyfe I was speak berfeck englis.

I was always jealous of your priddi. I was hate you lot of dimes but I was always smile and smile begoz I was try to be priddiful too but instead I was begome piddiful.

So gan you pliz share your priddi to me tonoyt ad pora pora bliz. fanks you. Kod pless your priddi.
fotu of samoa said…
lol @ you muli pu. Stob it your madness. I was be at da Pora Pora tonoyt to kufa kufa out tha briddy. (Once I was find some)